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Bug 74974 - Cannot drag and drop from list view.
Cannot drag and drop from list view.
Product: nautilus
Classification: Core
Component: Views: List View
Other Linux
: High normal
: 1.1.x
Assigned To: Nautilus Maintainers
Nautilus Maintainers
: 77136 79142 85760 86659 (view as bug list)
Depends on:
Blocks: 43921 46868 68821
Reported: 2002-03-16 18:46 UTC by smaclean
Modified: 2005-01-09 17:41 UTC
See Also:
GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: 2.0

first draft (19.52 KB, patch)
2002-06-17 18:47 UTC, Jonathan Blandford
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Description smaclean 2002-03-16 18:46:22 UTC
Either the list view doesn't have drag and drop implemented or it doesn't
work properly. Unlike hte icon view (for which drag and drop works), when
attempting to drag and drop in the list view doesn't even start a drag

Always reproducible.
Comment 1 John Fleck 2002-03-17 15:34:46 UTC
Comment 2 Luis Villa 2002-04-16 01:39:43 UTC
From or to the list view? if to, this is a duplicate of bug 68821. If
from, it is it's own bug, and if both, then 68821 is probably a dup of
this one.
Comment 3 smaclean 2002-04-16 03:40:37 UTC
Unfortunately neither drag-drop to nor drag-drop from works in the
list view. I am running currently running cvs head and this is still
the case.

Also, I think this bug is different from bug 68821.  The problem
discussed in 68821 is a usability problem with Nautilus where if you
are trying to copy/move a file into a folder that contains ONLY
folders, it is difficult (impossible, I think) to place the file in
the currently viewed folder (it can only be placed in one of the

The bug I am reporting is different in that I don't think drag and
drop is properly implemented yet in the list view (as opposed to the
icon view).
Comment 4 Luis Villa 2002-04-16 04:10:59 UTC
Ah, I see. Adding stuff as appropriate.
Comment 5 John Fleck 2002-04-17 02:41:39 UTC
*** Bug 77136 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 6 Heath Harrelson 2002-04-18 18:57:22 UTC
*** Bug 79142 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 7 Luis Villa 2002-05-22 22:45:48 UTC
Michael, can you take a look at this?
Comment 8 Luis Villa 2002-05-24 22:34:04 UTC
Very borderline 2.0.0; I'd really like to see this work but it is
Comment 9 Damon Chaplin 2002-06-02 20:55:22 UTC
Jonathan Blandford <> posted to gnome-desktop-devel
on 29th May saying he is working on this, in case anyone else is
thinking of doing it.
Comment 10 Luis Villa 2002-06-04 14:01:57 UTC
jrb: any progress on this? At some point we just have to suck it up
and punt it if it isn't going to happen RRRRRSN. :)
Comment 11 Jonathan Blandford 2002-06-04 14:28:37 UTC
I got Multi-Drag and Drop kinda working on a test app last night.  I
need to clean it up and get it in nautilus.  It'll happen when it happens.
Comment 12 Alex 2002-06-05 08:43:31 UTC
This did used to work (or at least on my distro's (MDK) build of
nautilus) until quite recently. Either a distro patch never made it
upstream or some other change broke it.
Comment 13 Luis Villa 2002-06-06 05:11:24 UTC
It has, AFAIK, never worked in GNOME2 nautilus.
Comment 14 Jonathan Blandford 2002-06-06 06:47:54 UTC
It worked with the old CList cut-n-paste hack.  Still working on this,
though it might not get finished until this weekend.
Comment 15 James Cape 2002-06-10 04:04:03 UTC
I'd like to vote for "early-as-realistically-possible" for a release
target on a fix for this missing feature (which appears to be 2.0.1
now). It forced me to use the icon view when I'd much rather be using

On barely-related note, I'd like to say that determining which bugs
get fixed when based on how many duplicates/comments/etc. there are
of/on the bug is kind of silly. Quite a lot of people on IRC check
bugzilla & find their bug, then leave it at that, w/o commenting. The
reason for this is twofold:
    1.) Courtesy: If the bugs already there, duplicating it will just
add to the bugzilla wrangler's work, slowing everything down -- Plus,
both bug-buddy & Bugzilla's main page admonish people to check if
their bug has been reported already before continuing. Perhaps these
could be extended/enhanced to tell people to comment on bugs (even if
it's just "this effects me too") that they care about?
    2.) Ignorance: Most people assume that if a bug is already there
it doesn't need anything extra to get it fixed in a timely fashion.
    3.) Laziness or Privacy: IIRC, one needs an account to comment on
a bug, and many people may not want to create an account just to
comment on a bug, either because it is extra work or because they do't
feel comfortable doing so.
Comment 16 Luis Villa 2002-06-10 04:32:33 UTC
Bugzilla duplicates are only one of many factors that go into these
kinds of decisions. Constant feedback from IRC, email lists, and just
plain old common sense. I want to see this in, too, but if the
alternative is holding back the release or breaking lots of things in
the release... I'm not excited by those options either.

Trust me, by the way- /lots/ of people don't bother searching for
duplicates. I'd be out of a job if they did :) 
Comment 17 Luis Villa 2002-06-10 09:09:09 UTC
Punting as per discussion with Alex.
Comment 18 Sri Ramkrishna 2002-06-17 02:03:18 UTC
Can we make sure that we have this documented in ERRATA?  This is one
of those bugs that people will run into often after 2.0.

Comment 19 Alex Graveley 2002-06-17 12:39:47 UTC
Jrb, how is your patch coming?
Comment 20 Jonathan Blandford 2002-06-17 18:47:05 UTC
Created attachment 9282 [details] [review]
first draft
Comment 21 Jonathan Blandford 2002-06-17 19:49:04 UTC
I included a rough patch that handles the DnD/Gtk ends.  It needs
someone to hook up the nautilus bits, though.
Comment 22 Michael Meeks 2002-06-18 11:31:37 UTC
Patch too large, complex and potentially de-stabilizing for 2.0.0
IMHO, and that's without the nautilus hooks ;-)
Comment 23 John Fleck 2002-06-19 02:18:56 UTC
*** Bug 85760 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 24 Luis Villa 2002-06-19 18:43:11 UTC
Michael: don't worry, we punted this out of .0.0 a long time ago :) 
Comment 25 John Fleck 2002-06-28 12:39:55 UTC
*** Bug 86659 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 26 Dave Camp 2002-07-02 23:38:15 UTC
OK, I'm going to jump in on this one.
Comment 27 Dave Camp 2002-07-03 23:23:18 UTC
Here's a quick update on what's going on while I compile:

I have dropping almost completely implemented, I just need to fix up
some of the data types and give it all a once over.

Dragging is mostly implemented, but needs to give location info for
the icon list drag type.

After I get these fully implemented, I want to spend some time making
the code general enough to implement dnd in the tree view sidebar as
well.  This shouldn't take too long, it's mostly general enough already.

I expect to have something for people to pound on sometime tomorrow or
Comment 28 Dave Camp 2002-07-25 21:03:49 UTC
I checked in the destination half today, the rest should be coming soon.

I'd appreciate it if people banged on the drag dest for a little while.
Comment 29 Dave Camp 2002-07-26 23:04:52 UTC
Drag side is checked in for the list view, so I'm marking this fixed.

Please open individual bugs against any problems you find.