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Bug 585659 - New iagno
New iagno
Product: gnome-games-superseded
Classification: Deprecated
Component: iagno
Other All
: Normal enhancement
: ---
Assigned To: Jason Clinton
GNOME Games maintainers
Depends on:
Reported: 2009-06-13 16:08 UTC by mars1
Modified: 2011-12-29 05:36 UTC
See Also:
GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: Unversioned Enhancement

new iagno patch (115.45 KB, patch)
2009-06-13 16:11 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
New three tiles (94.48 KB, patch)
2009-06-13 16:18 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Screenshot (90.63 KB, image/jpeg)
2009-06-13 16:20 UTC, mars1
0003-new-iagno-0.3.patch (355.33 KB, patch)
2009-06-19 14:58 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
0004-network-game.patch (76.67 KB, patch)
2009-06-19 15:04 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
0005-tango-stile-flipping-tile.patch (16.24 KB, patch)
2009-06-19 15:07 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Screenshot (81.89 KB, image/jpeg)
2009-06-19 15:12 UTC, mars1
0006-options.patch (37.86 KB, patch)
2009-06-25 17:04 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
0007-save-and-open.patch (13.51 KB, patch)
2009-06-25 17:06 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Options screen shot (68.96 KB, image/jpeg)
2009-06-25 17:07 UTC, mars1
0001-iagno2.patch (681.56 KB, patch)
2009-06-28 15:12 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-1.patch (462.99 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 16:57 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-2.patch (215.48 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 16:58 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-3.patch (3.91 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 16:59 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno3-1.patch (221.62 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 17:02 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno3-2.patch (157.56 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 17:03 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno3-3.patch.001 (875.29 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 17:52 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno3-3.patch.002 (737.90 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 17:54 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno3-3.patch.003 (557.14 KB, patch)
2009-09-27 17:55 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno3-4.patch (12.65 KB, application/octet-stream)
2009-09-27 17:55 UTC, mars1
Deleted files (465.13 KB, patch)
2009-10-18 01:53 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Apended files (549.72 KB, patch)
2009-10-18 01:56 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Evaluation fuctions value1 (886.26 KB, patch)
2009-10-18 01:57 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Evaluation functions value2 (754.45 KB, patch)
2009-10-18 01:58 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Evaluation functions value3 (567.26 KB, patch)
2009-10-18 01:59 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Changed files (4.00 KB, patch)
2009-10-18 02:00 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Screenshot (90.33 KB, image/jpeg)
2010-11-07 18:00 UTC, mars1
-iagno2-1.patch (497.53 KB, patch)
2010-11-07 18:01 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-2.patch (364.99 KB, patch)
2010-11-07 18:02 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-3.patch.001 (888.15 KB, application/x-bzip)
2010-11-07 18:03 UTC, mars1
iagno2-3.patch.002 (758.80 KB, patch)
2010-11-07 18:04 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-3.patch.003 (570.69 KB, patch)
2010-11-07 18:05 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-4.patch (348.58 KB, patch)
2010-11-07 18:07 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
iagno2-5.patch (2.66 KB, patch)
2010-11-07 18:07 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
new iagno patch (688.97 KB, patch)
2011-06-13 03:55 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
sun_and_star.svg (48.93 KB, image/svg+xml)
2011-06-13 03:58 UTC, mars1
new iagno screenshot (107.88 KB, image/jpeg)
2011-06-13 03:59 UTC, mars1
Open and save move text patch (14.99 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 13:55 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Opening book patch (28.95 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 13:57 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Opening book data (348.47 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 13:59 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Transposition table patch (52.10 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:02 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
New evaluate function patch (11.50 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:03 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Evaluate function's value 001 (889.60 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:07 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Evaluate function's value 002 (787.58 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:08 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Evaluate function's value 003 (601.44 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:12 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Multi ProbCut (8.93 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:18 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Multi ProbCut parameter (44.24 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:19 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Learning patch (44.60 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:20 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Calculate MPC parameter patch (24.81 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:21 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review
Setup board patch (15.97 KB, patch)
2011-07-10 14:24 UTC, mars1
none Details | Review

Description mars1 2009-06-13 16:08:57 UTC
I am sorry too late answer to Jason.
I send new patch. This patch is essential part of new iagno with next features.

   Resizeable window.
   Full screen.
   Head, Back, Forward, Last.
   Window size and position are saved.
   Changeable background color.
   Flipping tile and fast move.
   Row and column label.
   Flip final results.

Not Support
   Network game.
   File save File open.
   Valid squares mark.
   Last move mark.
   Keyboard input.

Bug ?
  On preference dialog, Human is not translated.
Comment 1 mars1 2009-06-13 16:11:12 UTC
Created attachment 136508 [details] [review]
new iagno patch

I test this patch on Ubuntu-9.04-i386 and Fedora-11-x86-64.
Comment 2 mars1 2009-06-13 16:18:55 UTC
Created attachment 136509 [details] [review]
New three tiles

This patch include disk.svg, marble.svg and sun_and_star.svg.
Please delete clasic.png and woodtrim.png file from iagno directory.
Comment 3 mars1 2009-06-13 16:20:21 UTC
Created attachment 136510 [details]
Comment 4 Christian Persch 2009-06-15 12:15:08 UTC
I guess this is the continuation of bug 444602 ?

Could you please comment a bit on which issues that were raised by the reviewers in the previous bug are fixed in this new patch? And also, did you do this as a monolithic patch, or do you have your own repo and did this as a series of smaller patches that would be easier to review? If so, can you tell the repo URL, or attach a patch series (git-format-patch) ? Thanks!
Comment 5 mars1 2009-06-19 14:58:38 UTC
Created attachment 137009 [details] [review]

deleteing png files patch
Comment 6 mars1 2009-06-19 15:02:36 UTC
I planed for easy to view, so split them, and send git-format-patch.

1. I think iagno is too old, iagno should have resizeable window
   and tool bar.(for Bug #560069, #581900, #543387, #451906)

2. Iagno hangs at starting network game on Japanese language,
   (2.26.1 ubuntu-9.04 and fedora-11) same as Bug #487071.
   This bug is occurred by the same reason as Bug #519232.
   This bug had not occurred until gtk was changed at some years ago.
   I test this bug with Bug #519232 Comment #6 patch.
   So Bug #487071 and Bug #519232 are fixed with the same patch.

3. Current network game has many bugs.
   3.1 If an error occurred, server sends sync, but client does not
       support sync, so iagno hangs.
   3.2 Player can not play again, iagno does not support.
   3.3 Player can not back to normal game, iagno does not support.
   3.4 Server.c, has some bugs around play again.
         After a game over, one player leave, and connect again, 
         another player sends PLAY_AGAIN, but he can not play again.
   3.5 Bug #582795 is fixed in this patch (destroy network dialog).
       This bug is about gnect, but iagno and gnibbles too.
Comment 7 mars1 2009-06-19 15:04:55 UTC
Created attachment 137010 [details] [review]

network game patch
Comment 8 mars1 2009-06-19 15:07:40 UTC
Created attachment 137011 [details] [review]

Tango stile flipping tile (for bug #573544)
Comment 9 mars1 2009-06-19 15:12:50 UTC
Created attachment 137013 [details]

Network game screenshot
Comment 10 mars1 2009-06-25 17:04:26 UTC
Created attachment 137374 [details] [review]

This patch appends next to new iagno.

  1. Show valid squares (with small circle).
  2. Show last move (with blinking small circle, for Bug #118996).
  3. Show timer.
  1. Hint 
     Please change hint comment more better.
  2. Watch cursor
     While the computer is thinking, arrow cursor is changed to watch cursor.
     (for Bug #443449)
  3. An player can open new-iagno from ggz-gtk.

Bug fixed
  1. In gnothello.c main(),
      game_init () was moved before properties_apply_changes ();
  2. In ggz_network.c get_sync(),
      game_init() was moved after old server, and new sever program was changed.
  3. In ggz_network.c ggz_closed(),
      if (ggzmod) was appended.
  4. In ggz_network.c on_network_activate,
     gtk_widget_show() was moved before gtk_notebook_set_current_page().

  1. In ggz_network.c, ggz_closed() function,
      gtk_widget_destroy (widget[GGZBOX]) was changed with
       gtk_widget_hide (widget[GGZBOX]);
Comment 11 mars1 2009-06-25 17:06:01 UTC
Created attachment 137375 [details] [review]

This patch appends save and open menu.
Comment 12 mars1 2009-06-25 17:07:51 UTC
Created attachment 137376 [details]
Options screen shot
Comment 13 mars1 2009-06-28 15:12:40 UTC
Created attachment 137502 [details] [review]

This patch is not one of the series, all(0001-0007) in one and change directory.
This patch change direct iagno to iagno2.
This series is over. Thank you.

  1. Sometimes watch cursor is not changed to arrow cursor.
  2. In ggz_network.c, ggz_closed() function,
     gtk_widget_hide () was backed to gtk_widget_destroy ().
     At a player connect again after the same name was used,
     ggzbox is not cleared.

  1. Directory was changed. ("data", "pixmaps" and "src" was appended.)
  2. MAIN_PAGE and NETWORK_PAGE was changed to main_page and network_page vars.
  3. In ggz_network.c, some functions position was moved.
  4. In save.c, create_file_dialog () was rewrited.
  5. "on_hint_activate ()" was moved from gnothello.c to options.c.
Comment 14 mars1 2009-09-27 16:57:23 UTC
Created attachment 144117 [details] [review]

I modified conflict with previous patch.
Comment 15 mars1 2009-09-27 16:58:35 UTC
Created attachment 144118 [details] [review]
Comment 16 mars1 2009-09-27 16:59:05 UTC
Created attachment 144119 [details] [review]
Comment 17 mars1 2009-09-27 17:02:01 UTC
Created attachment 144120 [details] [review]

Iagno new AI

Hash table, bit board, new evaluate function, opening book, etc
Comment 18 mars1 2009-09-27 17:03:07 UTC
Created attachment 144121 [details] [review]

opening book data
Comment 19 mars1 2009-09-27 17:52:37 UTC
Created attachment 144123 [details] [review]

evaluation functions value
Please use lxsplit to join.
Comment 20 mars1 2009-09-27 17:54:12 UTC
Created attachment 144124 [details] [review]
Comment 21 mars1 2009-09-27 17:55:04 UTC
Created attachment 144125 [details] [review]
Comment 22 mars1 2009-09-27 17:55:59 UTC
Created attachment 144126 [details]
Comment 23 mars1 2009-10-18 01:53:37 UTC
Created attachment 145711 [details] [review]
Deleted files

For gnome-28
Bug fixed
 Black was weaker than White.
Speed upped (20~30%)
 The deepest middle search is 17, Win-Loss search is 25 empties.
Comment 24 mars1 2009-10-18 01:56:32 UTC
Created attachment 145712 [details] [review]
Apended files
Comment 25 mars1 2009-10-18 01:57:44 UTC
Created attachment 145713 [details] [review]
Evaluation fuctions value1
Comment 26 mars1 2009-10-18 01:58:37 UTC
Created attachment 145714 [details] [review]
Evaluation functions value2
Comment 27 mars1 2009-10-18 01:59:26 UTC
Created attachment 145715 [details] [review]
Evaluation functions value3
Comment 28 mars1 2009-10-18 02:00:13 UTC
Created attachment 145716 [details] [review]
Changed files
Comment 29 mars1 2010-11-07 18:00:08 UTC
Created attachment 173995 [details]

I changed for gnome-2-32.

I test this patch on Ubuntu-10.10 and Fedora-14.
I could configure with next option "--enable-games=iagno" on Ubuntu-10.10
 and Fedora-13, but could not on Fedora-14. so I configured with no options
 on Fedora-14.

Bug fixed
 1. mistaking at checking the validity of C8.

 1. opening book to more bigger.
 2. for beginners to more weaker and for expert to more stronger.
    (for Bug 601596) 
 3. runable without opening book and hash.
 4. appearance (Please see Screen shot)
 5. deleted ggz parts.

Now iagno(16-play) is as strong as OO7(7-ply Logistello).
Comment 30 mars1 2010-11-07 18:01:22 UTC
Created attachment 173996 [details] [review]
Comment 31 mars1 2010-11-07 18:02:10 UTC
Created attachment 173997 [details] [review]
Comment 32 mars1 2010-11-07 18:03:37 UTC
Created attachment 173998 [details]

Please join next three patch with "lxsplit" after expansed.
Comment 33 mars1 2010-11-07 18:04:30 UTC
Created attachment 174000 [details] [review]
Comment 34 mars1 2010-11-07 18:05:53 UTC
Created attachment 174002 [details] [review]
Comment 35 mars1 2010-11-07 18:07:05 UTC
Created attachment 174003 [details] [review]
Comment 36 mars1 2010-11-07 18:07:59 UTC
Created attachment 174004 [details] [review]
Comment 37 Jason Clinton 2011-02-25 21:57:55 UTC
I *want* to merge your work but you aren't making it easy. I asked you to make the changes in to small digestible commits so that we can review every step of the changes for correctness. Instead you have, again, dumped the entire finished code base on us.

Anyway the UI freeze was 4 days ago, this is delayed until 3.2.
Comment 38 mars1 2011-06-13 03:55:26 UTC
Created attachment 189796 [details] [review]
new iagno patch

This patch is the first step of new iagno.
I test this patch on ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64 and Fedora-15-x86-64-DVD.
but didn't test on 32 bit OS.

for GTK+3

`menu_proxy_module_load': iagno: undefined symbol: menu_proxy_module_load
(iagno:18109): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to load type module: (null)
This bug is the same as other games.

I can not understand about global-menu-bar yet, so iagno doesn't support

Many thanks for your help.
Comment 39 mars1 2011-06-13 03:58:11 UTC
Created attachment 189797 [details]

I cleated new sun_and_star.svg from bug #645217.
It's very beautiful, but too heavy for tile.
It takes a long time to change board size.
Please test this svg.
Comment 40 mars1 2011-06-13 03:59:50 UTC
Created attachment 189798 [details]
new iagno screenshot
Comment 41 Jason Clinton 2011-06-13 18:19:23 UTC
Masuichi Ito,

Break the giant patch in to small, reviewable, individually buildable changes which are self contained. You can do this by doing git rebase -i and giving your commit the "edit" operation.

See the instructions in the section 'SPLITTING COMMITS' in the "git rebase --help"
Comment 42 mars1 2011-07-10 13:55:00 UTC
Created attachment 191616 [details] [review]
Open and save move text patch
Comment 43 mars1 2011-07-10 13:57:26 UTC
Created attachment 191617 [details] [review]
Opening book patch
Comment 44 mars1 2011-07-10 13:59:48 UTC
Created attachment 191618 [details] [review]
Opening book data
Comment 45 mars1 2011-07-10 14:02:01 UTC
Created attachment 191619 [details] [review]
Transposition table patch
Comment 46 mars1 2011-07-10 14:03:36 UTC
Created attachment 191620 [details] [review]
New evaluate function patch
Comment 47 mars1 2011-07-10 14:07:25 UTC
Created attachment 191621 [details] [review]
Evaluate function's value 001
Comment 48 mars1 2011-07-10 14:08:26 UTC
Created attachment 191622 [details] [review]
Evaluate function's value 002
Comment 49 mars1 2011-07-10 14:12:00 UTC
Created attachment 191623 [details] [review]
Evaluate function's value 003

Please join above three patch useing lxsplit after extract them.
Comment 50 mars1 2011-07-10 14:17:06 UTC
(In reply to comment #49)
> Created an attachment (id=191623) [details] [review]
> Evaluate function's value 003
> Please join above three patch useing lxsplit after expand them.
Comment 51 mars1 2011-07-10 14:18:36 UTC
Created attachment 191624 [details] [review]
Multi ProbCut
Comment 52 mars1 2011-07-10 14:19:45 UTC
Created attachment 191625 [details] [review]
Multi ProbCut parameter
Comment 53 mars1 2011-07-10 14:20:46 UTC
Created attachment 191626 [details] [review]
Learning patch
Comment 54 mars1 2011-07-10 14:21:50 UTC
Created attachment 191627 [details] [review]
Calculate MPC parameter patch
Comment 55 mars1 2011-07-10 14:24:16 UTC
Created attachment 191628 [details] [review]
Setup board patch
Comment 56 Robert Ancell 2011-12-29 05:36:24 UTC
Hi Mars,

We have just ported Iagno from C to Vala (bug 664942) so these patches no longer apply.  I spent a lot of time reviewing these before the port and tried to see if we could apply them before the port but they proved to be too complex.  The good news is the new version should be a lot simpler to modify.

The patches here seem to be specifically for a new computer player algorithm, if that is so you could update these patches and open a new bug, i.e. "Improved Computer Player" with a patch that improves the computer player.  This bug should contain a single patch file that changes as little as possible in the current code.  The patch will be judged on criteria like:
- Is it easy to read and debug?
- Does the game remain easy to play for beginners?
- Is the additional complexity of the code worth it (it will have to be maintained for a number of years).

If you have different features you want to improve, they should be in different bugs.  

I've used your scalable icons, but they have some performance issues to render and some clarity issues.  Could you have a look at bug 664983 and update the icons?