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Bug 570944 - Write permissions are given to all users when uploading files to an FTP server
Write permissions are given to all users when uploading files to an FTP server
Product: gnome-commander
Classification: Other
Component: networking
Other All
: Normal critical
: 2.0
Assigned To: GNOME Commander maintainer(s)
Depends on: 589069
Reported: 2009-02-08 10:40 UTC by lucatrv
Modified: 2018-08-03 17:55 UTC
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Description lucatrv 2009-02-08 10:40:50 UTC
Please describe the problem:
Gnome Commander 1.2.6 on Ubuntu 8.10 (using local installation of XAMPP as FTP server, but I guess this bug represents also with remote FTP servers)

When I copy files to the FTP server, write permission are given not only to the owner but also for group and others (so the file is writable by all users!). In other words, files are copied with permission 666, and folders with permissions 777.

I point out that Nautilus behaves correctly when uploading files to the FTP server (files are copied with permissions 644, folders with permission 755).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect to a FTP server
2. Upload files to the server
3. Check file permissions with 'ls -l'

Actual results:
Write permissions are set for all users (files uploaded with 666, folders with 777).

Expected results:
File should be uploaded to the server with permissions 644, and folders with permissions 755. This is what happens when I upload files using Nautilus.

Does this happen every time?

Other information:
Comment 1 ndani 2010-03-08 22:21:44 UTC
I experience something similar. 
My server (proftpd) default permission is 777 for dirs, and 666 for files. Umask is set to "Umask 002 022" so dirs are  uploaded 775, and files are 644. 
But not by gnome commander. 
If I upload a dir it will get 755 and the files 666.
Other strange thing is, that if I user gnome commander, the umask setting in proftpd is ineffective. I can set whatever I want dirs will be uploaded with 755 and files with 666.

From the same machine with different file manager everythings works fine.

I checked the proftpd log, and watched netstat, but the connections seems the same with gnome commander, and with other file managers.

Wierdest thing i ever experienced.

Like gnome commander had a built in hack against proftpd... 
My desktop is: 2.6.31-19-generic #56 x86_64 Ubuntu 
Gnome is: Ubu repo

Server is:
2.6.28-11-server #42-Ubuntu x86_64 Ubuntu
proftpd is: 1.3.1

Please someone tell my is this happening? Seems a proftpd bug to me, at the first place...
Comment 2 tarpan 2011-01-10 14:02:23 UTC
I can confirm the problem on my Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome Commander Have tried with two different ftp servers. Moreover, I cannot change the permissions (I get an "unsupported operation" error). 

Everything works on those servers with other ftp clients.

However, it all works in Gnome Commander when connecting via ssh.
Comment 3 yzubkov 2011-04-23 17:48:37 UTC
The status of this bug needs to change. Anything else is needed to confirm this bug?
Comment 4 GNOME Infrastructure Team 2018-08-03 17:55:13 UTC
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