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Bug 311550 - grouping image as "versions" or stacks
grouping image as "versions" or stacks
Product: f-spot
Classification: Other
Component: General
Other Linux
: Normal enhancement
: ---
Assigned To: F-spot maintainers
F-spot maintainers
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Blocks: 350840
Reported: 2005-07-26 03:36 UTC by Hubert Figuiere (:hub)
Modified: 2018-07-12 00:10 UTC
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Description Hubert Figuiere (:hub) 2005-07-26 03:36:33 UTC
Version details: 0.0.13

it would be nice to be able to group several images as "version" similar and/or
identical to "Create new version". 

One of the reason is that I have the original camera file, then the one I
removed dust from, in TIFF and JPEG.
Comment 1 Jakub Steiner 2005-11-09 10:33:51 UTC
Also extremely useful for burst shots. Aperture calls there "collections". It
would be nice to collapse such collections in the browser and only show the
"best pick", ie the first in the stack/most recent version.
Comment 2 Gabriel Burt 2005-12-03 19:47:39 UTC
*** Bug 323075 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 3 Jakub Steiner 2006-01-29 20:18:49 UTC
*** Bug 326304 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 4 Gabriel Burt 2006-01-30 00:21:59 UTC
*** Bug 326416 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 5 Gabriel Burt 2006-01-30 00:24:49 UTC
Changing the title to be more clear.
Comment 6 Bengt Thuree 2006-01-30 01:20:55 UTC
Could this be something like Picasa;s timeline? Where the collections are displayed on the wheel of a half wheel, and the picture is displayed in the centrum, with some more information like date etc. Easy to move between dates/collections etc.

But since this bug now handles stacks also, I would like to add the following small request to this bug:
All photos taken withing 1 minute (configurable?) should be placed next to each
other, and between groups should be a space of, say 1/5 of a photo
(configurable). This so you can easily see all pictures taken at the same
Comment 7 srn 2006-03-01 03:12:00 UTC
It's probably worth distinguishing between versions, which are edited copies of the same file, and collections of bracketted shots or shots in a sequence.

Or I think so, anyway.
Comment 8 srn 2006-03-16 04:18:14 UTC
As a work-around, you can create a new version, then rename the previously created version to overwrite the file that was created by the new version. It's nasty, though.
Comment 9 Thomas PARIS 2006-08-10 13:51:03 UTC
I have to agree with comment 7. There are two issues discussed in this bug report and they're very different. One is the possibility to make one photo a version of another one while the other one is another kind of grouping, typically for pictures taken in a burst.

I understand grouping/stacking as a way to *sometimes* only show one of the pictures from the stack, so as to save some (display) space and improve readability, while with versions there is exactly one version that's the "right" one (though it could be useful to compare the versions, precisely to choose the "right" one).

I suggest this bug report be used to handle versions while be reopened to handle stacking.
Comment 10 Darren 2006-09-27 08:34:05 UTC
Hi - I am new to Linux and all of my photo's are currently stored using Adobe Elements 4. The key to my conversion (as I have a Windows machine and a Linux manchine) is the stacking and version features. The most important is the stacking as with that I can simulate the versions feature. I take a lot of high-speed actions shots using the burst function and can end up with 10-20 shots that I want to keep together and not mess up the display.


ps. not sure if there is a beta test program to pre-test new features and release but I would be more than happy to actively participate if available?
Comment 11 Sampo Vuori 2006-11-03 10:58:03 UTC
I think versioning feature is what I miss the most. Here are some suggestions:
- there could be two versions for every picture as default, original and final
- original would always be left unchanged, final would be the version which is displayed by default and is considered the best edited version of the image
- additionally there would be number of versions which the user could name (resized, curves, sharpened, try1, try2 etc.)
- it should be possible and easy to see all the versions and take any of them as a base for editing, this view could be user for choosing the current 'final' version
- it would be nice if it was possible to select number of images and tell f-spot that these are different versions of the same image
- also it would be nice if f-spot would realize that images which have the same base name are different versions of the same image (or could show the images to the user and ask if they should be considered as versions)
- currently versions do not play nice when the original is raw data (logic is faulted, the name is decided beforehand, it retains the extensions e.g. ORF and the image editor can't save ORFs)
- it should be possible to rename/delete versions
- it would be really nice if it was possible to launch my own scripts from the f-spot (e.g. dcraw raw-processing script) and still keep the results within versioning, though I don't mind if I have to mark them by hand as long as the versioning is possible

Comment 12 Glen Birkbeck 2007-09-27 06:48:16 UTC
As I see it there are two seperate feature requests here 
* version handling
* collections

Given the title was updated at some point the collections request should be seperated into a different request.

As to versioning....
F-Spot doesnt handle my RAW files particularly well (yet) and even if it did, I would still want the ability to use an external image editor to create a new version of the image, then to re-integrate that with F-Spot. Generally my new versions have the same initial filename as the original - a "check for new versions" option could look in the same directory for similar file names

Sometimes there may be several "final" versions, one that I upload to flickr at a lower resolution and one that I would use for prints. There may also be several "final" versions for different effects and purposes. A method of viewing the differing versions side by side would be useful
Comment 13 Hubert Figuiere (:hub) 2007-10-26 14:31:28 UTC
(In reply to comment #12)
> As I see it there are two seperate feature requests here 
> * version handling
> * collections

No. The original feature request is really about stacking. You have 4 or 5 consecutive frames for the same thing (ie you are trigger happy and shoot in continuous mode). You would stack them in a way that only one appear by default. That would include being able to have a picutre being the top of the stack (the one you pick).

As an example to illustrate:

This is what Adobe Bridge does.
Comment 14 Maxxer 2009-08-06 10:04:10 UTC
reparenting is available in a git request:
Comment 15 André Klapper 2018-07-12 00:10:40 UTC
F-Spot has moved to

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