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Bug 752862 - ZFS is not recognised
ZFS is not recognised
Product: gparted
Classification: Other
Component: application
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: gparted maintainers alias
gparted maintainers alias
Depends on:
Reported: 2015-07-25 14:22 UTC by Mike Fleetwood
Modified: 2015-10-27 17:01 UTC
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ZFS detection (v1) (6.32 KB, patch)
2015-08-01 15:41 UTC, Mike Fleetwood
none Details | Review
GParted file system colours table (6.85 KB, text/html)
2015-08-01 15:42 UTC, Mike Fleetwood
GParted rainbow screenshot 1 [before] (141.45 KB, image/png)
2015-08-01 15:42 UTC, Mike Fleetwood
GParted rainbow screenshot 2 [after] (140.03 KB, image/png)
2015-08-01 15:43 UTC, Mike Fleetwood

Description Mike Fleetwood 2015-07-25 14:22:29 UTC
This bug will only add recognition of ZFS.

blkid from util-linux >= 2.15 can recognise ZFS.
Comment 1 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-01 15:41:33 UTC
Created attachment 308611 [details] [review]
ZFS detection (v1)

Hi Curtis,

Here's patchset v1 for this.  (Not that adding half a dozen lines to
detect a new file system type takes multiple patches.  But there's a
minor colour adjustment and removal of that skip setting lvm flag
message tidyup patches too).

Because I was vacillating about colours I also generated a GParted file
system colour table and a before and after rainbow screenshot including
every detected file system type.

Comment 2 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-01 15:42:09 UTC
Created attachment 308612 [details]
GParted file system colours table
Comment 3 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-01 15:42:45 UTC
Created attachment 308613 [details]
GParted rainbow screenshot 1 [before]
Comment 4 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-01 15:43:15 UTC
Created attachment 308614 [details]
GParted rainbow screenshot 2 [after]
Comment 5 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-01 15:47:41 UTC
Forgot to mention that I used the ZFS test file system image from the
util-linux package.  Downloadable directly out of GIT from here:
Comment 6 Curtis Gedak 2015-08-01 22:47:45 UTC
Thanks Mike for working to add ZFS recognition.  I plan to review and test the patch in comment #1 after the upcoming GParted release.

Comment 7 Curtis Gedak 2015-08-08 16:07:00 UTC
Thank you Mike for the patch set and especially for the detailed screen shots and link to a zfs image for testing.  These made review significantly easier.

The patch set v1 in comment #1 looks good to me and passed all my tests on kubuntu 12.04.  As such I have committed patch set v1 to the git repository for inclusion in the next release of GParted.

The relevant git commits can be viewed at the following links:

Add detection of ZFS (#752862)

Minor update of colours for LVM2 PVs and ReFS

Remove "Skip setting unsupported partition flag" message
Comment 8 Curtis Gedak 2015-08-08 16:09:06 UTC
Hi Mike,

For the release notes I was thinking of the following text in an effort to avoid confusion for persons packaging GParted:

Dependencies (new/updated)
  * [Optional] ZFS recognition requires blkid from util-linux >= 2.15

Your thoughts on this wording, or a suggestion of improved wording would be appreciated.

Comment 9 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-09 07:49:23 UTC
Hi Curtis,

For ZFS detection I don't think that util-linux counts as an updated
dependency.  GParted already needs util-linux for detection of a number
of file systems.  (Also the needed version of util-linux package is
older or the same as that needed for detection of many other file

I also looked at previous release notes and util-linux wasn't mentioned
as an updated dependency for detection of any of the newly added file

GParted release notes
0.6.3  Added swap labeling          - no mention of util-linux >= 2.18
0.10.0 Added exfat detection        - no mention of util-linux >= 2.18
0.16.0 Added f2fs support           - Mentions f2fs-tools,
                                      not util-linux >= 2.22.2
0.17.0 Added SWRaid detection       - no mention of util-linux >= 2.15
0.17.0 Added swap suspend detection - no mention of util-linux >= 2.15
0.21.0 Added ReFS detection         - no mention of util-linux >= 2.24

I recommend not adding the above from comment #8 to the dependencies
section of the release notes at all.

Comment 10 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-09 08:52:26 UTC
This has made me think about GParted's dependency on blkid.  Blkid is
needed for detection of a number of file systems and in a number of
situations where libparted doesn't work.

blkid is needed to detect these:

blkid detects these (but GParted also has internal detection):
  btrfs    (also detected by libparted >= 3.2)
  nilfs2   (also detected by libparted >= 2.4)

Also blkid is needed for:

Avoid whole disk FAT being detected as MSDOS partition table (#743181)
(With libparted 1.9.0 to 2.3)

Enhance file system detection to use FS_Info method - blkid
(Detect file systems with sector sizes other than 512 bytes with
libparted 2.2)

So I think we should declare GParted as depending on the blkid command
and strongly recommend to packagers that they make a hard dependency on
the blkid command or the util-linux package as appropriate for their
distribution and packaging tool.  We should update the README file and
future release notes for this.

Comment 11 Curtis Gedak 2015-08-09 19:19:09 UTC
Hi Mike,

Thank you for your thoughts.

I will remove the line from the dependencies section of the future release notes.

Originally GParted used only libparted to detect file systems.  Next recognition was built directly into GParted for some file systems.  More recently we've relied on blkid to detect the file system so now blkid is indeed more important.

Please feel free to make changes to the README and other files as you see fit and post the patch in this report.  I can review and then commit the patch.

Comment 12 Mike Fleetwood 2015-08-10 08:32:02 UTC
Hi Curtis,

I've raised a separate bug report for updating the documentation of the
software dependencies because there are a couple of other small changes
I will be bundling with it.

Bug 753436 - Update documentation of GParted software dependencies

Comment 13 Curtis Gedak 2015-10-27 17:01:01 UTC
This enhancement was included in the GParted 0.24.0 release on October 27, 2015.