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Bug 750180 - Fix different ways of writing Plug-in Plug-In Plugin
Fix different ways of writing Plug-in Plug-In Plugin
Product: GIMP
Classification: Other
Component: Internationalisation
git master
Other All
: Normal minor
: 2.10
Assigned To: GIMP Bugs
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Reported: 2015-05-31 18:06 UTC by scootergrisen
Modified: 2017-03-21 16:58 UTC
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Fix most of the different spellings of "Plug-In" (224.59 KB, patch)
2015-06-02 06:02 UTC, scootergrisen
needs-work Details | Review

Description scootergrisen 2015-05-31 18:06:40 UTC
In GIMP and the documentation seems to be different ways of writing this:


Would be nice to make them the same, so to only use one way of writing it.
Comment 1 Michael Natterer 2015-06-01 11:12:06 UTC
The canonical writing is "Plug-In", can you make a patch for this please?
(against git master)
Comment 2 scootergrisen 2015-06-01 18:25:55 UTC
I'm not good at using git yet so i don't understand how to.
Comment 3 Michael Natterer 2015-06-01 19:09:49 UTC
You simply say:


then edit files until you're happy, then:

git diff >foo.patch

then attach foo.patch here :)
Comment 4 Michael Natterer 2015-06-01 19:10:16 UTC
err you say:

git clone git://
Comment 5 scootergrisen 2015-06-01 19:46:07 UTC
Which PO files are the source files?
Comment 6 Michael Natterer 2015-06-01 21:22:01 UTC
You wouldn't edit any po files, but .c files in app/, plug-ins/ and libgimp*/
Comment 7 scootergrisen 2015-06-01 21:49:04 UTC
What about "plug-ins".
Should it be "Plug-Ins" or "Plug-In's" or what ?
Comment 8 Michael Natterer 2015-06-01 22:10:52 UTC
All user-visible strings should say "Plug-In" or the plural form "Plug-Ins",
and of course the genitive forms "Plug-In's" or "Plug-Ins'".
Comment 9 scootergrisen 2015-06-02 06:02:43 UTC
Created attachment 304405 [details] [review]
Fix most of the different spellings of "Plug-In"

Here is my patch that should fix most of them.

Note that I'm not used to git so don't know how to check the differences to check my changes.
Comment 10 Jehan 2015-10-21 15:10:58 UTC

That looks good. I'm going to commit this patch. We need name and email to properly apply the commit authorship. We have the email. Could you tell us your name please?
Comment 11 Michael Natterer 2015-10-21 16:54:48 UTC
Wait, I didn't commit the patch for a reason :) Will have to look
Comment 12 Jehan 2015-10-21 17:02:11 UTC
Oups ok. I thought you were just overbooked and that I could lighten the workload by committing some easy patch. I'll let you have a look then.

For my own, apart from some plugin files which disappeared (so I skipped them when applying), and the fact that it changes also some "Plug-In" in comments as well (which is not public showing text, but is not much of a problem, I guess), looked good to me.
Comment 13 scootergrisen 2015-10-27 12:09:23 UTC
You can use "scootergrisen" as name for me.
Comment 14 Alexandre Prokoudine 2015-12-10 06:48:58 UTC
Well, this is wrong :)

"Plug-In" is certainly not canonical. It's "plug-in" in the middle of a sentence or "Plug-in" in the beginning of a sentence. I suggest we go this way instead and only touch user-visible messages and code comments. Let's leave variables, filenames, and stuff alone, shall we?
Comment 15 Michael Natterer 2015-12-10 07:18:11 UTC
Yeah this is why the patch is sitting there, my comment 8 wasn't quite
correct, and so is the patch...
Comment 16 Jehan 2017-03-21 16:57:34 UTC
Ok let's not keep this bug report forever. :-)
I ran a few `grep -rI '".*plugin.*"' * --include=*.c |grep -v include` and `grep -rI Plug-In * --include=*.c` and I reviewed results manually. I believe I got most cases.
I only took care of potentially visible strings (no comment fixing) since these are the important parts.

commit bc344a9991693a2a753dbca812153b16ad66c44e
Author: Jehan <>
Date:   Tue Mar 21 17:45:50 2017 +0100

    Bug 750180 - Fix different ways of writing Plug-in Plug-In Plugin.
    It was agreed that we should write "plug-in" consistently. Only possibly
    user-visible strings were updated.
    Thanks to scootergrisen for a first patch which could not make it
    after changing decision on the canonical writing.
Comment 17 Jehan 2017-03-21 16:58:59 UTC
Also scootergrisen, thanks for the patch. Sorry it could not make it. The mistake was on our part.