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Bug 717735 - "Hide photos already imported" in camera view is not working correctly
"Hide photos already imported" in camera view is not working correctly
Product: shotwell
Classification: Other
Component: camera
Other All
: High normal
: ---
Assigned To: Shotwell Maintainers
Shotwell Maintainers
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Reported: 2011-07-29 09:34 UTC by Shotwell Maintainers
Modified: 2017-09-08 18:04 UTC
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Import dialog. (18.26 KB, image/png)
2011-07-29 21:34 UTC, Shotwell Maintainers
patch-fix-hide-fotos-already-imported.patch (1.05 KB, patch)
2012-02-05 00:08 UTC, Shotwell Maintainers
committed Details | Review

Description Charles Lindsay 2013-11-25 21:53:44 UTC

---- Reported by shotwell-maint@gnome.bugs 2011-07-29 14:34:00 -0700 ----

Original Redmine bug id: 3895
Original URL:
Searchable id: yorba-bug-3895
Original author: Jonas Bushart
Original description:

I was testing with the "Hide photos already imported" feature so I used some
files out of my libary and checked them. Theyare in the libary but in the
camera view they are allways show even if "Hide photos already imported" is

I took this 49 images and imported them into a new libary. Only two images get
hidden if I select the option. All others will be shown.

If I import them all images are correctly recogniced as imported.

I imported all images and then I tried to import them a second time. I added
the screenshot of the import dialog. Images DSCF0053.JPG and DSCF0055.JPG are
the correct working images. Only those two images get hidden in the camera
view by selecting the "Hide photos already imported" feature. The following
paths are incorrect. But there are images with the path
/home/jonas/Bilder/2010/05/04/DSCF0017.JPG and
/home/jonas/Bilder/2010/05/04/DSCF0018.JPG. But those two and the other 45
images are still show if the "Hide photos already imported" feature is

I can upload the images if you want to test with them but they have a size of

Related issues:
duplicated by shotwell - 7684: hide photos already imported (Duplicate)

---- Additional Comments From shotwell-maint@gnome.bugs 2013-05-16 14:44:00 -0700 ----

### History



Updated by Eric Gregory over 2 years ago

We've fixed various problems with this feature recently. What version of
Shotwell are you running?  If it's not 0.10.1, could you update and try it



Updated by Jonas Bushart over 2 years ago

This bug is in 10.1 but the test system described above is the development



Updated by Adam Dingle almost 2 years ago

  * **Description** updated (diff)
  * **Priority** changed from _Normal_ to _High_
  * **Target version** set to _0.12_

This has apparently also been reported downstream at

Worth investigating for 0.12.



Updated by Peter Seiderer almost 2 years ago

  * **File** patch-fix-hide-fotos-already-imported.patch added

Same problem for me with Shotwell 0.11.5 on OpenSuse-12.1 and import from
Canon EOS 600D (direkt usb link or card reader).

Tracked down the problem to ImportPage.load_previews_and_metadata() using
GPhoto.load_preview() for the thumbnail and associated preview_md5 value.

All other e.g. BatchImport use metadata.flatten_exif_preview() to get the
thumbnail data for which the thumbnail_md5 is calculated and which is stored
to the shotwell data base.

In GPhoto.load_preview() there is code to strip some trailing bytes from the
thumbnail data (added as fix for 2905, see git commit
6e9864587c36d25e17dc0695b27dc478c4f0b8ac), this results in different md5 sums
used in ImportPage and in the shotwell data base.

Working fix for me was to revert git commit
6e9864587c36d25e17dc0695b27dc478c4f0b8ac, see attached patch.



Updated by Adam Dingle almost 2 years ago

  * **Status** changed from _Open_ to _Review_

Peter, thanks for investigating and for the patch. Lucas, please review.



Updated by Lucas Beeler almost 2 years ago

  * **Status** changed from _Review_ to _Open_

Hi Jonas and Peter,

We can't take this patch as-is. While it may solve the duplicate detection
problem in your particular case, it also breaks it in other cases. To fix this
bug comprehensively, we'd like to get more information about what's actually
going on here. Could you email to the following: (i) a copy
of at least one photo file that exhibits the problem; (ii) a copy of a test
shotwell.db file that includes an md5 sum for the photo you sent.





Updated by Jonas Bushart almost 2 years ago

I just send you a mail with 10 problematic images. I hope you can recieve the
email because it has a 22mb attachment.


I have send you a email with downloadlinks, because the attachment hasn't



Updated by Peter Seiderer almost 2 years ago

Hello Lucas,

you can download 7 example photos and the shotwell photo.db file





Updated by Adam Dingle over 1 year ago

  * **Target version** deleted (<strike>_0.12_</strike>)



Updated by Jim Nelson 11 months ago

  * **Target version** set to _0.14.0_



Updated by Jim Nelson 11 months ago

  * **Category** set to _camera_



Updated by Jim Nelson 9 months ago

  * **Target version** changed from _0.14.0_ to _0.15.0_



Updated by Jim Nelson 8 months ago

  * **Target version** changed from _0.15.0_ to _0.16.0_



Updated by Jim Nelson 6 months ago

  * **Target version** deleted (<strike>_0.16.0_</strike>)

--- Bug imported by 2013-11-25 21:53 UTC  ---

This bug was previously known as _bug_ 3895 at
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Imported an attachment (id=262077)

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Comment 1 Peter Seiderer 2017-09-08 15:07:01 UTC
Problem still exists with shotwell-0.26.3 and could still be fixed by
applying patch-fix-hide-fotos-already-imported.patch...
Comment 2 Jens Georg 2017-09-08 16:53:32 UTC
Oh sorry, I misinterpreted the patch, it looked like it's already applied
Comment 3 Jens Georg 2017-09-08 18:04:53 UTC
Looks like exiv2 also gets the complete thumbnail "now". Just removing the work-around and see what happens.