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Bug 690927 - MS Sculpt Touch Mouse needs to be re-paired periodically
MS Sculpt Touch Mouse needs to be re-paired periodically
Product: gnome-bluetooth
Classification: Core
Component: general
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: gnome-bluetooth-general-maint@gnome.bugs
Depends on:
Reported: 2012-12-31 19:56 UTC by Jordy Dickinson
Modified: 2013-09-05 02:42 UTC
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GNOME version: ---

wizard: Add Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse to PIN DB (905 bytes, patch)
2013-09-05 02:40 UTC, Bastien Nocera
committed Details | Review

Description Jordy Dickinson 2012-12-31 19:56:37 UTC
I've also filed this bug against bluez here:

I don't know whether this is a bug in bluez or gnome-bluetooth. I figured you guys would know better.

Here is the description from that bug report copied for convenience:


When you don't use the mouse for a long enough time, the mouse disconnects and won't reconnect. I have to go into bluetooth settings, remove it, and re-pair it.

~ % lsb_release -rd
Description: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS
Release: 12.04

~ % apt-cache policy bluez
  Installed: 4.98-2ubuntu7
  Candidate: 4.98-2ubuntu7
  Version table:
 *** 4.98-2ubuntu7 0
        500 precise/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

I expected the mouse to reconnect automatically, or at least after I try to reconnect manually through the bluetooth settings.

I have to re-pair the mouse in order to use it again. Turning the mouse off and on doesn't work either.


While using the mouse with a Windows 7 computer I noticed that when left idle for a long period of time, the mouse seems to go into some sort of suspend mode. When you attempt to move the mouse while it's like this, it doesn't respond for some time, but soon becomes responsive again. I suspect that this is where the issue is occuring under Ubuntu; the mouse has gone into some low-power mode just like under Windows, but doesn't resume correctly under Ubuntu as it does under Windows.
Comment 1 Bastien Nocera 2013-01-02 15:29:49 UTC
G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all gnome-control-center bluetooth
and click on the mouse in the list on the left hand-side. This should output some debug information about the device.

Note that unless you use an Apple mouse, mice are never paired (there's no encryption of the data link).

Putting at the very least the version number of gnome-bluetooth would have been helpful.
Comment 2 Jordy Dickinson 2013-01-02 17:25:40 UTC
whisper ~ % apt-cache policy gnome-bluetooth 
  Installed: 3.2.2-0ubuntu5
  Candidate: 3.2.2-0ubuntu5
  Version table:
 *** 3.2.2-0ubuntu5 0
        500 precise/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

whisper ~ % gnome-control-center --version
gnome-control-center 3.4.2

whisper ~ % G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all gnome-control-center bluetooth
(gnome-control-center:28749): Gtk-DEBUG: Connecting to session manager

** (gnome-control-center:28749): CRITICAL **: get_column_number: assertion `i < gtk_tree_view_get_n_columns (treeview)' failed
** Message: has_config_widget 7C:1E:52:68:DC:A8 HumanInterfaceDeviceService
** Message: has_config_widget 7C:1E:52:68:DC:A8 HumanInterfaceDeviceService

The "** Message: has_config_widget 7C:1E:52:68:DC:A8 HumanInterfaceDeviceService" string appears twice every time I interact with the mouse (click, move, etc.).
Comment 3 Bastien Nocera 2013-06-11 19:22:18 UTC
You need matching versions of gnome-bluetooth and gnome-control-center. Any mixing isn't tested at all, and in your case, there's been changes that mean you get warnings instead of things working.

Test with gnome-bluetooth 3.4.x and gnome-control-center 3.4.x installed.
Comment 4 Marcos H. Alano 2013-06-17 21:33:28 UTC

The bugfix is add the line:
<device oui="7C:1E:52:" type="mouse" name="Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse" pin="0000"/>
Inside the file /usr/share/gnome-bluetooth/pin-code-database.xml.

I just need confirmation if this OUI is correct. I already put a similar bug report with patch (but for another Microsoft Bbluetooth mouse) in Launchpad.

Please, tell me your considerations.
Comment 5 Anthony Wong 2013-06-22 10:34:20 UTC
I can confirm the above works. Besides the MS Scuplt Touch mouse, the Wedge Touch mouse also suffers from a similar bug, which can be fixed by adding the line
  <device oui="7C:1E:52:" type="mouse" name="Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse" pin="0000"/>
to pin-code-database.xml.

The OUI is correct according to
Comment 6 Marcos H. Alano 2013-06-22 17:18:16 UTC

Thank very much. Just a detail: I buy a Wedge mouse and try some tests. The name parameter is useless. Two reasons: The name appear correctly without the parameter and I think the half OUI indicates manufacturer ID (in this case Microsoft) and may be name conflicts with other mouses models. Please, remove the name parameter for Sculpt and Wedge.

Best regards.
Comment 7 Anthony Wong 2013-06-23 10:12:06 UTC
Hi Marcos, you're right, the name parameter is unnecessary, I now only have the line:
    <device oui="7C:1E:52:" type="mouse" pin="0000"/>
in pin-code-database.xml, and can use both Wedge and Sculpt mice on the same notebook at the same time.
Comment 8 Bastien Nocera 2013-09-05 02:40:47 UTC
Created attachment 254146 [details] [review]
wizard: Add Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse to PIN DB
Comment 9 Bastien Nocera 2013-09-05 02:42:03 UTC
Sorry, this bug ended up being forgotten about as it wasn't taken out of NEEDINFO. Fixed in master for GNOME 3.10. Cheers

Attachment 254146 [details] pushed as bb2a732 - wizard: Add Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse to PIN DB