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Bug 631957 - drop status icon use
drop status icon use
Product: brasero
Classification: Applications
Component: general
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: 2.26
Assigned To: Brasero maintainer(s)
Brasero maintainer(s)
Depends on:
Reported: 2010-10-12 09:03 UTC by William Jon McCann
Modified: 2011-01-10 16:27 UTC
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GNOME target: 3.0
GNOME version: ---

Description William Jon McCann 2010-10-12 09:03:40 UTC
GNOME 3 won't really be supporting status icon use.  GNOME core components should
generally either provide UI through the shell directly (system status
indicator, system modal, etc) or use libnotify.

Also see


Brasero is a bit of a special case because it (unfortunately) does two very different things.  On the one hand it is used to provide the burning mechanism for nautilus (a GNOME utility app), rhythmbox (a GNOME app), and brasero is yet another separate app.  Ideally each of the burning experiences are handled entirely within each app and the user is none the wiser that they all use the same functional code.

In any case, I recommend that we use libnotify to indicate status when the application doing the burning is in the background (eg. "Burning PROJECTA to disc") or when the task is completed (eg. "PROJECT has been burned to CD").  And just drop the status icon usage.
Comment 1 Luis Medinas 2010-10-12 09:17:20 UTC
Sounds good to me... i was already thinking in droping StatusIcon for 3.0.
We will use libnotify to indicate the status when the burning starts and when stops.

But somewhat worries me is "how the user get's the current status of the burning" ? I mean gnome-shell dropped the taskbar so we can't show the progress of burning there. So... the only way to show the user to get the current status is to actually look into brasero burning dialog. But what if the user minimize the dialog ?

Also i'm worried about every GNOME application spam the users with notifications which is pretty annoying.
Comment 2 Philippe Rouquier 2010-10-15 17:01:47 UTC
What is the status of the GSoC project that was supposed to deal with the progress of tasks like file moving, downloading, ...?

To tell the truth I thought it would be included in GNOME shell and I was waiting for it to publish an API to use it.
Comment 3 William Jon McCann 2010-10-15 17:26:48 UTC
Luis: The way a user gets the status of burning is to go to the place where they started the burn.  The app that initiated the burn should display progress in an obvious way to the user.  A notification should be used when the burn is complete if the application is not in the foreground.

Philippe: There hasn't been any plan to include any special progress management in the Shell.  So, I'm not sure what you mean.

At some point in the future we way want to consider adding progress bar type functionality to libnotify but I don't think we'll do it in time for 3.0.
Comment 4 Philippe Rouquier 2010-10-15 18:14:15 UTC
I meant this:

And yes I agree with you, without any status icon, we have to keep our current progress dialog and use notification just for start and end.
Comment 5 Philippe Rouquier 2010-10-17 11:45:07 UTC
I went ahead and removed the code dealing with the tray icon. I read you had released a libnotify 0.7 but as far as I can tell it has not hit rawhide yet and therefore I cannot add support at the moment. As soon as it does, I will.
Comment 6 William Jon McCann 2010-10-27 18:44:02 UTC
Heh, we can't get it into rawhide until brasero supports it :/  Chicken and egg I guess.
Comment 7 Luis Medinas 2010-10-28 09:07:42 UTC
I'm working atm on adding notifications when brasero starts and end burning using libnotify git master. Hopefully we get this done before 2.91.2.
Comment 8 Philippe Rouquier 2010-11-05 07:48:57 UTC
@Jon: why can't you add it into rawhide? As brasero does not support it libnotify at all for the time being, that should not be a problem? Am I missing something?
Comment 9 Matthias Clasen 2010-11-05 13:10:31 UTC
It is in rawhide now.
Comment 10 Philippe Rouquier 2010-11-05 13:46:45 UTC
Great thanks.
Comment 11 Philippe Rouquier 2011-01-10 16:27:01 UTC
This has been fixed just in time for 2.91.5