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Bug 630800 - gtk_container_propagate_expose() declared but not implemented
gtk_container_propagate_expose() declared but not implemented
Product: gtk+
Classification: Platform
Component: Widget: Other
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: gtk-bugs
Depends on:
Reported: 2010-09-28 08:33 UTC by Murray Cumming
Modified: 2010-09-29 12:22 UTC
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GNOME version: ---

Description Murray Cumming 2010-09-28 08:33:51 UTC
gtkcontainer.h declares gtk_container_propagate_expose(), but it's not implemented anywhere, leading to linker errors when trying to use it.

I could just remove the declaration, but it's mentioned in the gtk_widget_send_expose() documentation, so that should be updated, or maybe gtk_widget_send_expose() should also be removed (it's used in gtkmain.c):

 * gtk_widget_send_expose:
 * @widget: a #GtkWidget
 * @event: a expose #GdkEvent
 * Very rarely-used function. This function is used to emit
 * an expose event signals on a widget. This function is not
 * normally used directly. The only time it is used is when
 * propagating an expose event to a child %NO_WINDOW widget, and
 * that is normally done using gtk_container_propagate_expose().
 * If you want to force an area of a window to be redrawn, 
 * use gdk_window_invalidate_rect() or gdk_window_invalidate_region().
 * To cause the redraw to be done immediately, follow that call
 * with a call to gdk_window_process_updates().
 * Return value: return from the event signal emission (%TRUE if 
 *               the event was handled)
gtk_widget_send_expose (GtkWidget *widget,
			GdkEvent  *event)
Comment 1 Christian Dywan 2010-09-28 10:44:07 UTC
"an expose event signals on a widget" should also be "an expose event signal on a widget"
Comment 2 Benjamin Otte (Company) 2010-09-29 12:22:06 UTC
commit 14dc932fd177630083bbe55fb141e83a7e201578
Author: Benjamin Otte <>
Date:   Wed Sep 29 14:12:22 2010 +0200

    gtk: Fix remaining mentions of gtk_container_propagate_expose()
    That includes the gtkcontainer.h header file.