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Bug 348050 - [New extension] Creative Commons license viewer
[New extension] Creative Commons license viewer
Product: epiphany-extensions
Classification: Deprecated
Component: general
Other Linux
: Normal enhancement
: ---
Assigned To: epiphany-extensions-maint
Depends on:
Reported: 2006-07-19 21:24 UTC by Jaime Frutos Morales
Modified: 2006-10-10 21:17 UTC
See Also:
GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: Unversioned Enhancement

Creative Commons license viewer extension (2.82 KB, application/x-compressed-tar)
2006-07-19 21:27 UTC, Jaime Frutos Morales
Creative Commons license viewer extension 0.2 (3.81 KB, application/x-compressed-tar)
2006-07-25 00:47 UTC, Jaime Frutos Morales
Some enhancements (25.19 KB, text/plain)
2006-08-31 21:05 UTC, Jean-François Rameau
Optimization (25.21 KB, text/plain)
2006-09-04 20:01 UTC, Jean-François Rameau

Description Jaime Frutos Morales 2006-07-19 21:24:36 UTC
I've coded a new extension in Python called "Creative Commons license viewer". It shows a "CC" icon on the statusbar if the current web has a Creative Commons license. If the user clicks on the icon, a new tab shows the license from <a href=""></a> .

Its aim is similar to the <a href="">Bug #170996</a>, but I think that is better to show an icon on the statusbar rather than to display the license's details on the page info extension.

I wonder if this extension could be included in the 2.16 release cycle.
Comment 1 Jaime Frutos Morales 2006-07-19 21:27:30 UTC
Created attachment 69197 [details]
Creative Commons license viewer extension
Comment 2 Jaime Frutos Morales 2006-07-25 00:47:58 UTC
Created attachment 69541 [details]
Creative Commons license viewer extension 0.2

Fixed in this version:

  - No external image is needed, it is included inline
  - Internationalization support
Comment 3 Jean-François Rameau 2006-08-31 21:05:47 UTC
Created attachment 71985 [details]
Some enhancements

I reviewed your code and rewrote it a bit (heh, but not so much :) ) today. The main problem is that the extension try to detect the license each time a page is loaded but also each time you switch from tab to tab.
Comment 4 Jaime Frutos Morales 2006-08-31 23:29:47 UTC
First fo all, thanks for reviewing and correcting my code :-)

I knew my code had that problem. I tried to solve it asking the epiphany-devel list (, but I got no response. I reviewed your code and now that problem is solved. 

Is there any other thing to correct or can it be included in the official epiphany-extension package?
Comment 5 Jean-François Rameau 2006-09-04 20:01:01 UTC
Created attachment 72216 [details]

The pixbuf is built one time and not each time the extension is attached to a window.
Also, I found some sites not detected as cc by the extension:

Could you have a look to these sites and perhaps to make the extension more "generic" ?
Comment 6 Jaime Frutos Morales 2006-09-05 00:19:32 UTC
One comment about your new review: why do you import the time module in the detect_license function if you don't use it?

I've had a look at both of them and they have the same problem: they don't follow the instructions in to add a metadata license to a web, so the license detector doesn't work witk them.

The solution could be to add a more complex detector using external libraries, but this means adding new dependencies and I'm not sure if this is right for a simple epiphany-extension.

IMHO, users should add metadata the right way to their webs instead of just adding an image linking to the license deed.
Comment 7 Diego Escalante Urrelo (not reading bugmail) 2006-10-07 21:22:54 UTC
Is it possible to show a warning or a (!) instead of the CC logo where the license is badly defined?
Comment 8 Reinout van Schouwen 2006-10-08 12:55:28 UTC
Jaime, I just talked to chpe on irc. If crispin and/or jfr are ok with it, you're free to commit. jfr?
Comment 9 Jean-François Rameau 2006-10-09 21:06:50 UTC
It is ok for me (I like to use this extension), so, Jaime, you're free to commit. If you have not the rights, tell me, I will commit for you.
Comment 10 Jean-François Rameau 2006-10-10 21:17:34 UTC
Added to the development version. Thank you for this new extension.