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Bug 347320 - Add CC/copyright metadata
Add CC/copyright metadata
Product: totem
Classification: Core
Component: Properties page
Other Linux
: Normal enhancement
: ---
Assigned To: General Totem maintainer(s)
General Totem maintainer(s)
: 349218 (view as bug list)
Depends on: 488112 646868
Reported: 2006-07-12 15:43 UTC by Fabio Bonelli
Modified: 2018-05-24 10:27 UTC
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GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: 2.15/2.16

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2006-07-18 19:06 UTC, Fabio Bonelli

Description Fabio Bonelli 2006-07-12 15:43:25 UTC
It would be nice if totem notified the user when playing a non-free format.

When totem has the plugin for that file, we can display a note with an icon (sad face/warning signal) in the file properties dialog or in the statusbar and when totem can't play the file, it should emphasize that the format is non-free in the the dialog.
Comment 1 Bastien Nocera 2006-07-18 09:45:50 UTC
Just how do you intend:
- detecting whether a format is free or not
- what a free format is
- displaying it without crippling the interface
Comment 2 Fabio Bonelli 2006-07-18 19:05:22 UTC
> - detecting whether a format is free or not

There should be a pre-built list to look at.

> - what a free format is

I'd say anything that has no licensing fees or restriction and is documented.

Here there is a page that can get linked

> - displaying it without crippling the interface

I've made a (crappy :-) ) mockup for the first case (When totem has the plugin for the format).
Comment 3 Fabio Bonelli 2006-07-18 19:06:24 UTC
Created attachment 69137 [details]
Comment 4 Ronald Bultje 2006-07-18 19:19:19 UTC
How does that help the user? What s the advantage of having this information compared to not having this information?
Comment 5 Fabio Bonelli 2006-07-24 14:20:54 UTC
Hi Ronald,

this way the user would be aware that he is using a non-free format, what's a non free-format and why it should care and can decide what to do (for example: tell his friend not to use certain codecs or: not to encode music that he shares with friends with a certain codec because he now knows that someone may be not able to listen to it, and so on.)

It can help the user to to understand why "this crappy totem-thing doesn't play my files?" as well, shifting the blame to where it belongs. ;)
Comment 6 Ronald Bultje 2006-07-24 14:45:24 UTC
That is purely advertising this feature. What is the _advantage_ to the user to having this kind of information?

When RealPlayer would tell me that I am not playing a file in the Real format, I would be hugely annoyed. I can't imagine that more than 0.1% of the users would care the least that their media are non-free, and even less are willing to re-encode, not just because of quality loss (because you don't hear that anyway), but also because it requires actual action.

Here's some notes about this "feature":
- if you're gonna warn users that they are going to use non-free formats, the least you should do is to provide a solution to them, i.e. totem would be required to integrate with apps such as sound-converter (audio), diva (video) and thoggen (dvds) to convert it to free formats. This is _way_ out of scope, but let's not even go into that. Just giving a warning without providing a readily available solution is unacceptable (like I said, it'll just annoy the user).
- I don't think that this warning is useful when the user is trying to play a media file. A better alternative would be to put a distribution-changeable version of a message explaining the user where he can find information on how to work around this issue, or (better yet) provide a codec search feature online. This would be more generic, and would work for free formats without installed codecs also. Microsoft has this feature too in their Windows Media Player. This website (or whatever) could then contain up-to-date information and display a header at the bottom that the format is non-free and may require royalties in certain countries.
Comment 7 Bastien Nocera 2006-07-28 11:09:29 UTC
I'd much rather add information about the copyright of the video/music file being played, including logos for the Creative Commons copyrights.

This is what is used in browsers:
Comment 8 Bastien Nocera 2006-07-29 23:39:07 UTC
*** Bug 349218 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 9 Bastien Nocera 2006-07-29 23:39:55 UTC
From bug 349218:
Comment 10 Bastien Nocera 2006-07-30 11:47:57 UTC
Comment 11 Bastien Nocera 2008-12-08 15:25:45 UTC
This should be pretty straight forward, exporting the data from GStreamer's GST_TAG_COPYRIGHT, GST_TAG_COPYRIGHT_URI, GST_TAG_LICENSE and GST_TAG_LICENSE_URI through the BaconVideoWidget.

The properties as well as the video indexer would probably require some minimum changes to show this data.
Comment 12 Bastien Nocera 2011-04-06 01:34:28 UTC
Filed a gst bug to provide helper functions. Test files available at:
Comment 13 André Klapper 2011-08-24 13:18:35 UTC
Removing GNOME Target as per IRC discussion with hadess on #gnome-hackers.
Please use Target Milestones for project specific planning - you can set them up yourself if you are listed as module maintainer in Bugzilla.
Comment 14 GNOME Infrastructure Team 2018-05-24 10:27:43 UTC
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