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Bug 341278 - [autoaudiosink] should fallback to fakesink
[autoaudiosink] should fallback to fakesink
Product: GStreamer
Classification: Platform
Component: gst-plugins-good
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: 0.10.5
Assigned To: GStreamer Maintainers
GStreamer Maintainers
Depends on:
Reported: 2006-05-10 16:32 UTC by Johan (not receiving bugmail) Dahlin
Modified: 2006-08-16 11:12 UTC
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Add 'fail-silently' property (5.25 KB, patch)
2006-05-12 14:42 UTC, Tim-Philipp Müller
rejected Details | Review

Description Johan (not receiving bugmail) Dahlin 2006-05-10 16:32:15 UTC
totem in dapper refuses to start on a box without a soundcard when it's configured to use autoaudiosink.

It can be reproduced using gst-launch:

gst-launch-0.10 fakesrc ! autoaudiosink
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
ALSA lib confmisc.c:672:(snd_func_card_driver) cannot find card '0'
ALSA lib conf.c:3493:(_snd_config_evaluate) function snd_func_card_driver returned error: No such device
ALSA lib confmisc.c:392:(snd_func_concat) error evaluating strings
ALSA lib conf.c:3493:(_snd_config_evaluate) function snd_func_concat returned error: No such device
ALSA lib confmisc.c:1072:(snd_func_refer) error evaluating name
ALSA lib conf.c:3493:(_snd_config_evaluate) function snd_func_refer returned error: No such device
ALSA lib conf.c:3962:(snd_config_expand) Evaluate error: No such device
ALSA lib pcm.c:2102:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM default
ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
ERROR: from element /actual-sink: Could not establish connection to sound serverAdditional debug info:
esdsink.c(252): gst_esdsink_open (): /actual-sink:
can't open connection to esound server
Setting pipeline to NULL ...
FREEING pipeline ...

Yes my configured alsa to have one card, but that's not a reason for autoaudiosink to give up.
Comment 1 Johan (not receiving bugmail) Dahlin 2006-05-10 16:36:28 UTC
Debug log:

DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.952314000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(215):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> appending error message 0x80fec90
DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.952963000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(202):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> Testing alsasink
DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.954131000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(215):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> appending error message 0x80fecd0
DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.954773000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(202):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> Testing osssink
DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.955051000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(215):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> appending error message 0x80fed10
DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.955176000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(236):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> done trying
DEBUG (0x80509a0 - 0:00:00.955304000)           autodetect(15018) gstautoaudiosink.c(242):gst_auto_audio_sink_find_best:<autoaudiosink0> reposting message 0x80fec90
Comment 2 Tim-Philipp Müller 2006-05-12 14:42:36 UTC
Created attachment 65315 [details] [review]
Add 'fail-silently' property

I am not convinced that not throwing an error message should be the default behaviour of autoaudiosink, so I propose to add a property that applications can set if they like (requires further changes to totem/apps of course).
Comment 3 Tim-Philipp Müller 2006-07-03 17:29:40 UTC
The totem issue is bug #170719.

Adding a property like in my patch is ugly and doesn't really solve anything when used as child of gconfaudiosink or so.

Probably we should just plug a fakesink and send a WARNING message on the bus or so, so keeping bug open for now.
Comment 4 Tim-Philipp Müller 2006-08-16 11:12:22 UTC
  2006-08-16  Tim-Philipp Müller  <tim at centricular dot net>

        * gst/autodetect/gstautoaudiosink.c:
          When we can't find a usable audiosink, don't error out,
          but use a fake sink instead and post a warning message
          on the bus (#341278).