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Bug 338663 - Make the job easier for the docs team
Make the job easier for the docs team
Classification: Infrastructure
Component: general
Other Linux
: Low enhancement
: Bugzilla 4.4
Assigned To: Bugzilla Maintainers
Bugzilla Maintainers
Depends on: 339173
Reported: 2006-04-16 00:10 UTC by Elijah Newren
Modified: 2018-06-16 13:29 UTC
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Description Elijah Newren 2006-04-16 00:10:26 UTC
From email (from Olav to Shaun with bugmaster cc'ed):

"Saw the thread on d-d-l about docs and bugzilla

You are the docs person. Why bother asking maintainers to create
components, etc? I'm sure if you asked any bugmaster it will be done
(I would). I currently cannot easily only give you the ability to
add/change all products (only if I'd give you all bugmaster rights on
bgo), but otherwise you would have it.

Having a uichange keyword on bugs is broken. Just clone the bug and
file it under the documentation component. Cloning will automatically
depend the docs bug on the original bug.

To have an easy overview of documentation bugs I think having a
browse.cgi special product page that switches components and products
around.. e.g. it shows an overview of all bugs within the 'docs'
component. Currently on browse.cgi you see a list of components. That
should list products instead.

Oh and the various ways to have a docs component is not good. They
should all be named the same ('docs'/ 'documentation'/ ...)."

This bug might need to be split, but I'm going to file it so that we don't forget it.  cc'ing shaun so he can clarify any needs.
Comment 1 Olav Vitters 2006-04-16 16:21:46 UTC
mysql> select, count(*) from components where like 'doc%' group by;
| name           | count(*) |
| doc            |        1 |
| docbook        |        1 |
| docbook xslt   |        1 |
| docklet        |        1 |
| docs           |       51 |
| document       |        1 |
| Document Types |        1 |
| Documentation  |       34 |
| Documents      |        1 |
9 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Need to rename some of them..
Comment 2 Andrew Sobala 2006-04-16 22:27:19 UTC
simple-bug-guide has some magic to try to get the component right when you're filing a documentation bug - I think it goes for "docs", with a fallback on the default component.
Comment 3 Joachim Noreiko 2006-04-20 13:27:34 UTC
Some products in bugzilla regroup several apps, and each app has a separate manual. Having a single docs component in these cases leads to problems: see bug 339173.
Comment 4 Shaun McCance 2007-03-19 17:48:19 UTC
For aggregate modules (gnome-applets, gnome-utils, etc.), we could encourage them to use something like "docs: gweather".  Then we could get a listing with something like:

select from components where
like 'docs: %' or = 'docs';
Comment 5 André Klapper 2015-01-02 17:18:21 UTC
I tried to work on this in 01/2014 (didn't know about this ticket) but the first conflict to solve was actually "Is a docs component actually about user docs or about developer docs". Ain't easy.
Comment 6 André Klapper 2018-06-16 13:29:10 UTC
After , GNOME is moving its task tracking from Bugzilla to GitLab at as previously announced in . See for more information.

Hence closing this ticket as WONTFIX: There are no plans to work on Bugzilla.