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Bug 315177 - Quite a few bugs in the PO file, and some suggestions.
Quite a few bugs in the PO file, and some suggestions.
Product: gcompris
Classification: Other
Component: general
Other All
: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: Bruno Coudoin
Rami Aubourg-Kaires
Depends on:
Reported: 2005-09-03 12:57 UTC by Clytie Siddall
Modified: 2005-09-05 06:39 UTC
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GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: ---

Description Clytie Siddall 2005-09-03 12:57:56 UTC
Version details: Gnome HEAD

Firstly, something that's not a bug, but a suggestion.

I think this program would be of great help to my community in helping children living in other 
countries, as refugee families, retain the knowledge of their own language, which is a big problem and 
source of much tension and distance in our culture.

Your program, translated, will do that, but in addition, since our alphabet is different and contains 
accented vowels which are essential to meaning in our language, would be possible to create a plugin 
or localization option which included the alphabet and sounds of letters for that language? I don't know 
how difficult this would be, but I would be willing to help in any way I could: unfortunately, I am no 
longer able to help with programming. :(  But there may be other ways in which I can help. I hope this is 
possible, and reasonable to do. :)


reference:	⑤	../boards/advanced_colors/
Original:	⌘0	ceruse

"cerise", if it's that clear red colour

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
A substraction problem with two numbers is displayed. At the right of the 
equal sign, give the difference. Use the left and right arrows to modify 
your answer, and press the Enter key to check the result. You can control 
the speed of the timer in the GCompris configuration dialog.


and in other strings, e.g.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Practice the substraction operation

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Simple substraction

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Needs to handle the mouse with the click easily

"Needs to be able to move and click the mouse readily."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Motor coordination. Concept match.

"Motor-skills co-ordination. Conceptual matching,"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Push the two shift keys together to send the ball straight

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Send the ball to Tux

"send the ball" is not common usage: children will expect "throw the ball", "kick the ball", "roll the ball", 
"push the ball", "drop the ball", "bounce the ball"

Later on you talk about a football game, so "kick the ball" would be the best choice.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Do not put the last ball

"put" is only used in shotput. "Do not place the last ball [where]", or one of the verbs in #5 above. (kick)

also in several other strings, e.g.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Put the ball into the black hole on the right

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Put balls in the holes. You win if the computer play the last one. If you 
want Tux to begin, just click on him.

OK, "Place the balls in the holes. You win if the computer has to place the last ball...."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Tux is in trouble, and needs to take his ship through a lock. Help Tux and 
understand how a canal lock works.

"ship" is only for huge, ocean-going vessels. For everything else, we use "boat". There are also 
specialized types, like "barge", "yacht", "fishing-boat", "canoe", but probably "boat" is best here.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Play end of chess game against the computer

"Play the end of a chess game against the computer."  (Why only the end??)

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Moon photo comes from NASA. Space sounds comes from Tuxpaint and Vegastrike. 
Dates of Transportation are based on those found in http://www.wikipedia.
org. Transportations images by Franck Doucet

"The moon photo is copyright © NASA. The space sounds come from the games Tuxpaint and 
Vegastrike, which are released under the [type] licence. ... The transportation images are copyright © 
Franck Doucet."

(For copyright, you should also have the years concerned.)

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Order the pictures to tell the story

"Sort the pictures into the order that tells the story."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Pick from the pictures on the left and put them on the red points

"red dots" ?  "points" are sharp things that stick into you.

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	1903 The Wright brothers Flyer III

"The Wright brothers' Flyer III"

When a noun ends in s, and you need to show that something belongs to that noun, you do not add the 
usual apostrophe s, as in

The dog's tail. (the tail belonging to one dog)

but like this:

The dogs' tails. (the tails belonging to several dogs)

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	1909 Louis Bleriot cross the Channel

"crosses" (third person singular case)

I write
you (1) write
he writes, she writes, it writes
we write
you (>1) write
they write

for nouns and verbs ending in ss, x, ch or tch:

(examples of verbs)

I cross
you (1) cross
he crosses, she crosses, it crosses
we cross
you (>1) cross
they cross

she fixes, it passes, he watches, she dresses, he axes, it itches, he fusses, it touches

(examples of nouns)

dresses, passes, axes, watches, patches, taxes, boxes, glitches, fusses, retches

so many nouns are spelt the same as the third person singular case of the verb.

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/ ../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	The aviation



The article "the" is used to distinguish something about which we have already talked, e.g.

"I've just bought a new watch."

"Was it very expensive?"

"No, it's the cheapest watch I've bought."

Since there are many watches in the world, we can use "the" here to show we are talking about _this_ 
watch. In fact, "the" is really a form of "this" or "that".

However, we don't need to say "this", "that" or "the" aviation, because there is only one aviation: it 
describes the whole spectrum of flight. It is a definitive noun. This is the opposite to French usage.

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	
1927 Charles Lindbergh\n
cross Atlantique ocean

"Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic Ocean"

"crosses" again, as in #14

"the" Atlantic Ocean, because there are many oceans, and here we are saying, "this ocean, the one 
named Atlantic".

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	
1934 Helene Boucher speed \n
record 444km/h

"Hélène Boucher sets a speed record of 444 km/h"


"Hélène Boucher's speed record of 444 km/h"

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	
1947 Chuck Yeager\n
break the sound-wall

"breaks the sound-barrier"

My husband is a pilot and we're both very interested in aviation: have you read the book, "The Right 
Stuff", about Yeager? It's very good.

reference:	⑤	../boards/chronos/
Original:	⌘0	
1885 The first gazoline\n
car by Benz

"gasoline", but in English we would say instead:

"Benz builds the first petrol-driven car in 1885."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Motor coordination: mouse mouvement and mouse click.

"movement", but it would be better-expressed as:

"Motor co-ordination: moving and clicking the mouse."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Distinguish differences between hour, minute and second. Compose a time in a 

"Distinguish between hours, minutes and seconds. Display time on a clock."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
For each printed hour (hours:minutes or hours:minutes:seconds) click the 
corresponding arrow to set the clock time to match the given hour. The 
different arrows can be turned by selecting them and moving the mouse

"Click on the arrows to match the clock time with the time in numbers (hours:minutes or 
hours:minutes:seconds). You can change the direction of an arrow by selecting it and moving the 

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../src/boards/clockgame.c:78
Original:	⌘0	Learn how to tell time

"Learn how to tell the time."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Time concept Time reading


"The concept of time. Reading the time."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Go to colors activities

"Go to colour activities"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Create a line of 4 pieces either horizontaly or vertically


reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Drag and Drop proposed items to their destination

"Drag and Drop each item at its correct destination."

because you can drag something _to_ its destination, but you are using the verb "drop" last, and you 
drop something in, on or at its destination.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Go to experiences activities

"Go to experiential activities"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Emerge the pipe

Emerge from the pipe? Make the pipe emerge? From context, it looks like the latter is correct. I suggest:

"Help the pipe come out"

except I think you mean a hose, used to water flowers:

"Help the hose move up"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Move the mouse over the red part of the pipe. This will emerge it, part by 
part up to the flowers. Take care, if you move out of the pipe, the red part 
will go back.

"....This will bring it up, bit by bit, closer to the flowers. Be careful: if you move off the hose, the red 
section will go back down."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Tux needs to sprinkle the flowers but the pipe is stopped

"Tux needs to water the flowers, but the hose is blocked."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Place the lands

"Identify the countries"

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	Europa


reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	United state

The United States
United States of America

(after all, there are many other united states, federations and unions ;) )

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	French guiana

"French Guiana"

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	Netherland

"The Netherlands"

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	United kingdom

"The United Kingdom"

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	West Europe

Usually written as:

"Western Europe"

since there is no actual dividing line.

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	Bosnia herzegovina

"Bosnia and Herzegovina"

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	East Europe

"Eastern Europe" (see 38).

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	Serbia montenegro

"Serbia and Montenegro"

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	North of Africa

"Northern Africa" (see 38)

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	South of Africa

"Southern Africa" (see 38)

as opposed to

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	South Africa

which is a separate entity with a border.

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	>Ethiopia

There's a stray > at the beginning of the string.

reference:	⑤	../boards/geography/
Original:	⌘0	Moroco


reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Guide the Number Muncher to the all the factors of the number at the top of 
the screen.

"to all the factors", there's an extra "the" in the original string.

About the reading vocabulary ... could we revise it at some stage? The simple words in English don't 
always translate into simple words in another language, and many of them are culturally-based: many 
cultures wouldn't know what an eggcup, a lighthouse or a sofa are (for example). It would really help if 
one could give examples that suited the culture involved. Each translator could supply the vocabulary 
and the images, if that helped.  Undoubtedly, using items from the everyday life of the child using the 
program, would be much more effective. Also, please bear in mind that many children live in war-torn 
areas, where a rocket or even an aeroplane (and a parachutist or helicopter, in other parts of GCompris) 
is a very frightening thing. :(

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
By identifying in GCompris, we are able to provide specific reporting for 
each kids.

GCompris identifies each child, so we can provide child-specific reports.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Discover the cards and find a matching pair

If you don't mean "find the cards" here, instead of "discover", common usage would be:

"Flip the cards to find the matching pairs"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
A simple click on an icon brings you to an activity or a menu of 
At the bottom of the screen is the gcompris control bar.\n
The following icons are displayed from right to left.\n
Note that each icon is displayed only if available in the current activity:\n
    Home - Back to previous menu or exit gcompris if at the top\n
    Thumb - OK. Confirm your answer\n
    Dice - Display the current level. Click to select another level\n
    Music note - Repeat the question\n
    Question Mark - Help\n
    Tool - The configuration menu\n
    Tux Plane - About game\n
The stars means:\n
    1 Star  - 2 to 3 years old\n
    2 Stars - 4 to 5 years old\n
    3 Stars - 6 to 7 years old

(a) This string block is difficult to translate, because we don't know what the icons look like. For 
example, is the Home icon a picture of a house, a Return arrow, or a folder? Or something else? 
(b) "or exit GCompris if at the top": at the top of what?
(c) Does the "dice" icon show two or more dice, or only one die? (dice being a plural word)
(d) What is the Tux Plane? a flat surface, or an aeroplane?
(e) I would suggest:

"The stars indicate activities normally suitable for children in these age groups:"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
GCompris is a collection of educational games that provides different 
activities to children from 3 to 8 years old.

"provides ... for children"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Fill up the missing letter

"Fill in the missing letter"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Train reading skill

"To train reading skills"

reference:	⑤	../boards/missing_letter/
Original:	⌘0	apple/_pple/a/i/o
Việt:		táo/_áo/t/b/c

I hope these exercises work with my language. (How on earth would they work with Chinese??) Anyway, 
as you can see, the words in my language are very short, in fact, all monosyllabic, and are distinguished 
by diacritics. Therefore there can only be a few different questions (three for a three-letter word), and 
the options will include accented vowels.

I hope it won't break it where the word only has two letters, and two strings deal with the same letter in 
the word, but with different options.

Some "words" have two words, e.g. "plane" is  « máy bay ». Will that display correctly, and not mess up 
the program?

Again, it would be much more useful for a child to have pertinent words from his or her own culture.

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Click on the coins or paper money on the botton of the screen to pay. If you 
want to remove a coin or note, click on it in the upper screen area.


reference:	⑤	../boards/paintings/
Original:	⌘0	Edgar Degas, The Dancing Class - 1873-75

Is it appropriate to translate the name of a work of art? Or is the name literal?

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
A word is shown at the top right of the board. A list of words will appear 
and disappear on left. Indicate whether or not the given word appeared in 
the list.

"on the left"

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../src/boards/reversecount.c:138
Original:	⌘0	Practice substraction with a funny game


I suggest:

"Practice subtraction while enjoying a game."

reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
reference:	⑤	../boards/scales/ ../boards/scales/
Original:	⌘0	Drag and Drop masses to equilibrate the scales

"to balance the scales"

but you already have that in this string:

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Drag and Drop masses to balance the scales

So you could use the latter string instead of the former, in those parts of the program.

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Well balance the scales

"Balance the scales exactly"

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Give good instructions to your ship in order to be first in the race.

"to win the race" is common usage.

and I would suggest:

"Direct your ship accurately to win the race."

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
In the text entry, enter line by line commands to give direction to your 
boat. Commands supported are displayed between the two entry area. The 
'left' and 'right' commands must be suffixed by an angle in degree. The 
angle value is also called a 'parameter' to the left or right command. By 
default 45 degree is used. The 'forward' command accept a distance 
parameter. By default 1 is used. For example: left 90 => Make a 
perpendicular left turn forward 10 => Go forward for 10 units (as displayed 
in the ruler) The goal is to reach the right of the screen (the red line). 
When done, you can try to improve your program and start a new race with the 
same weather conditions by using the retry button. You can click and drag 
your mouse anywhere on the map to get a measurement in distance and angle. 
Going to the next level will give your more complex weather conditions.

There are several errors, so I've tried to re-write it more effectively:

"In the text box, enter commands, line by line, to direct your ship. You can use any of the commands 
shown between the two entry areas. When you use the "left" or "right" commands, you have to tell the 
ship how far you want it to turn, in degrees (e.g. "left 30" degrees). Giving special measurements like 
this is also called 'passing a parameter': this is how we tell the computer how much to do something. 
The "forward" command accepts a distance parameter, so you can tell it how far you want your ship to 
move. The default is 1, so if you don't add that parameter, each move will be 1 unit. (Defaults are 
handy values that help the computer out when we don't pass any parameters.) 

So you could say:
left 90 — make a perpendicular turn (a whole corner) to the left
forward 10 — go ahead 10 units (as shown on the ruler)

The goal is to reach the right edge of the screen (the red line). When you get there, you can try to 
improve your program, with the same weather conditions, and try again, using the Retry button.
You can click and drag your mouse anywhere on the map, to show a measurement of distance (how far) 
and angle (how much turn).
Going to the next level will introduce more complex weather conditions: a fun challenge for a budding 
programmer. ;) "

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Numbers With 2 Dices

One die, two dice. In this case:

"Numbers with pairs of dice"

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Each number must be unique in a raw, in a column and, if defined in each 

"a row", thus

"Each number must be unique in a row, in a column, and (if defined) in each region."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	
Check the wind speed and direction, and then click on the target to launch a 
dart. When you have thrown all of your darts, a window appears asking you to 
count your score. Enter the score with the keyboard then press the Enter key 
or the OK button.

"to throw a dart"

reference:	⑤	../boards/ ../src/boards/target.c:123
Original:	⌘0	Touch the target and count the points

"Hit the target and count your points."

reference:	⑤	../boards/
Original:	⌘0	Remove all the red cars from the grid through the slot on the right

A "slot" is narrow, like a coin slot in a machine. Here, you need:

"Get all the red cars off the grid, through the opening on the right."

or "aperture", "gate"

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/chess.c:189 ../src/boards/chess.c:228
Original:	⌘0	
Error: The external program gnuchess is mandatory\n
to play chess in gcompris.\n
Find this program on or in your\n
GNU/Linux distribution\n
And check it is in 

Should this string really end like that? It's difficult to translate it, if we don't have the rest of the 

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/click_on_letter.c:242
Original:	⌘0	
Error: this activity requires you that you first install \n
the package assetml-voices-alphabet-

(a) "...requires that you first install..."  (not "you that you")

(b) This string appears to be incomplete. Is there more of the package-name?

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/erase.c:163
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	Double clic default value %d.


also here:

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/erase.c:168 ../src/boards/erase.c:183
reference:	⑤	../src/boards/erase.c:206 ../src/boards/erase.c:337
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	Double clic value is now %d.

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/hanoi.c:337 ../src/boards/hanoi.c:348
Original:	⌘0	Reproduce in the empty area the same tower as the one on the right

"Re-create" would be more usual.

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/leftright.c:107
Original:	⌘0	Given pictures of hands, find if it's a right or left one

"pictures" is plural, but "it" is singular. I suggest:

"Given each picture of a hand, identify it as either left or right."

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	Class Edition

If you're using the noun "edition" here as the noun for the verb "edit", as in "Editing a new class", it is 
not correct. We only use "edition" for the version of a published document. The noun for editing 
information is simply use of the continuous form: "editing":

"Editing a Class"

also here:

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	Group Edition

"Editing a Group"

and here:

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	Profile Edition

"Editing a Profile"

and here:

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	User Edition

"Editing a User"

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	Assign all the users bellonging to this class


You don't double a consonant here, because the stress is not on that syllable. Also, although people 
might lazily say "bell-onging" nowadays, the correct pronunciation is "be-lóng-ing".


auto:	⑤	Top message gives instructions
reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	Assign all the users bellonging to this group

and here:

auto:	⑤	Top message gives instructions
reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	Assign all the groups bellonging to this profile

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/admin/
Original:	⌘0	
To import a user list from file, first select a class.\n
FILE FORMAT: Your file must be formated like this:\n
login;First name;Last name;Birth date\n
The separator is autodetected and can be one of ',', ';' or ':'

"from a file"

Translator:	③	Variable: don't translate / Biến: đừng dịch
reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
flag:	②	python-format
Original:	⌘0	%d à %d

Should this character be in this string?

I'm assuming this string is:

%d × %d

(since I have the whole UTF-8 codeset at my disposal ;) )

and that the following string:

eference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
flag:	②	python-format
Original:	⌘0	%d ÷ %d


%d ÷ %d

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
Original:	⌘0	
You were eaten by a Troggle.\n
Press <Return> to continue.

This resulted in a fascinating discussion between my husband and myself over how on earth someone 
could press Return if they had just been eaten by a Troggle, but I'll spare you the details. ;)  Be 
prepared for a literal-minded child, though!

auto:	⑤	toggle box
reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
Original:	⌘0	Enter login to log

"Enter login to log in"

You have to log in or log out. You can't just log, unless perhaps you're logging information. Or cutting 
down trees. The former is less destructive (usually).

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
Original:	⌘0	
It is now possible to develop gcompris activies in C or in Python.\n
 Thanks to Olivier Samys who makes this possible.


auto:	⑤	combo box
reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
Original:	⌘0	Color line

Do you mean colour as a verb, "colour this line", make it coloured, or do you mean "coloured line", 
coloured as an adjective describing the line?

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
Original:	⌘0	Waiting Tuxpaint Finished

"Waiting for Tuxpaint. Finished." ??

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/python/
Original:	⌘0	Follow gcompris fullscreen

"Inherit fullscreen setting from GCompris."

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/reading.c:108
Original:	⌘0	Read a list of words and then tell if the given word is in it

"Read a list of words to see if the given word is there."

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/shapegame.c:423
Original:	⌘0	
This board data are saved under\n

"data" is the plural of "datum" which is not commonly used. So you can't use "this" with a plural noun.

"The data from this board are saved under..."

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/smallnumbers.c:63
Original:	⌘0	Numbers With Dices

"Numbers with Dice", since dice is already plural, as mentioned above (somewhere).

reference:	⑤	../src/boards/wordsgame.c:111
Original:	⌘0	Fully type the falling words before they reach the ground

"Type each whole word before it hits the ground."

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/config.c:64
Original:	⌘0	Azerbaijani Turkic

"Turkish (Azerbaijan)"

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/config.c:71
Original:	⌘0	English (Canadian)

"English (Canada)

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/config.c:79
Original:	⌘0	Indian (Hindi)

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/config.c:80
Original:	⌘0	Indian (Gujarati)

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/config.c:81

These languages are written separately, as "Indian" is not a language.




reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/config.c:95
Original:	⌘0	Brazil Portuguese

"Brazilian Portuguese"
"Portuguese (Brazil)"

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris.c:118
Original:	⌘0	
Run gcompris with local menu (e.g -l /reading will let you play only reading 
activity directory, -l /boards/connect4 only the connect4 activity), -l list 
show the list of menus and activity

"and '-l list' shows the list of menus and activities."

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris.c:122
Original:	⌘0	Run gcompris with administration and users management mode

"Run Gompris in administration and user-management mode."

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris.c:682
Original:	⌘0	
GCompris is free software released under the GPL License. In order to 
support the development, the Windows version provides only 12 of the 45 
activities. You can get the full version for a small fee at\n\n
The Linux version does not have this restriction. Note that gcompris is 
being developped to free schools from monopolistic software vendors. If you 
also believe that we should teach freedom to kids, please consider using GNU/
Linux. Get more information on\n

"developed" because the stress is not on that syllable.

"Get more information at [fsf]"

auto:	⑤	check the list of possible values for -l, then exit
reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris.c:1029
flag:	⑤	c-format
Original:	⌘0	Use -l activity to access directly to activity.\n

"to access an activity directly"

You don't need a preposition with the verb "to access": to access facilities, to access configuration 
values, to access the peculiar plumbing in one's bathroom etc.

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris.c:1030
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	List of available activity is :\n

"The list of available activities is:"

because the subject is the noun list, which is singular, so you need the singular form of the verb.


reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris.c:1140
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	List of available profiles are:\n

"The list of available profiles is:"

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c:825 ../src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c:1415
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	No users groups for profile %s

"No users or groups for profile %s"   ??


"No users' groups for profile %s" if the groups belong to the users.

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c:856 ../src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c:1448
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	No activities out for profile %s

Why out? How do activities become out? Do you mean:

"No activities chosen"


"No activities excluded"


reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c:1002
flag:	②	c-format
Original:	⌘0	No users in group with id  %d

This is ambiguous. Do you mean:

"There are no users in group ID %d"

where the ID describes the group, or

"There are no users with ID %s in the group."

where the ID describes the users?

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c:1151
flag:	⑤	c-format
Original:	⌘0	
No groups in for class %s, there must be at least one for whole class (%d)

What are groups in? Do you mean:

"No groups chosen for class %s: there must be at least one for the whole class (%d)."  ?

reference:	⑤	../src/gcompris/images_selector.c:694
flag:	⑤	c-format
Original:	⌘0	
In ImageSet %s, directory %s is not found. Skipping all the ImageSet...\n

"skipping the whole ImageSet"

from Clytie, Vietnamese translator.
Comment 1 Bruno Coudoin 2005-09-04 20:32:01 UTC
I commited and fixed all texts in GCompris based on your very clear input and

Some notes:

Original:	⌘0	ceruse
"cerise", if it's that clear red colour
No it's not. Ceruse is a white lead.

Original:	⌘0	%d à %d
Should this character be in this string?

We think (but not sure) some country may want to display:
7 7 ! for what we call 7+7
I mean is algebra operation symbols and order the same everywhere.

> po:501
> reference:	⑤	../boards/missing_letter/
> Original:	⌘0	apple/_pple/a/i/o
> Việt:		táo/_áo/t/b/c
> I hope these exercises work with my language. (How on earth would they work >
> with Chinese??) Anyway, 
> as you can see, the words in my language are very short, in fact, all
>monosyllabic, and are distinguished 
> by diacritics. Therefore there can only be a few different questions (three
f>or a three-letter word), and 
t> he options will include accented vowels.

> Again, it would be much more useful for a child to have pertinent words from
his or her own culture.

We agree and its the way it works (I add this to po/TRANSLATORS.README).
You don't have to translate apple in your language at all.
You can and should provide words that make sense to learn in your language.
The number in means this word will be provided at level 1 of this
very activity in gcompris.

So here is the format description:
   The word    The _                    3 proposals
   to find     is the missing           chose them to
               letter                   confuse the kid
   apple       appl_                    / e / h / a
Comment 2 Clytie Siddall 2005-09-05 06:39:39 UTC
Salut encore! :)

riginal:       ⌘0      ceruse
"cerise", if it's that clear red colour
No it's not. Ceruse is a white lead.

Hmm, in that case it's a very uncommon word in English, and a very uncommon colour. It mightn't be a 
good choice.

I am very sorry that I didn't read the translators' readme. Shame on me. :(

It is definitely going to be harder to do the word activities for my language. The key letters in spelling 
are the accented vowels, which do require two keys, the dead key for the accent, and the vowel. Our 
alphabet has six extra vowels, using the 1, 2, 3, 4, [ and ] keys. The accents are created using the 5, 6, 
7, 8 and 9 keys.

I'm not quite sure how I would do this. Can you please give me some instructions? Also, for reading out 
the words, the whole list of words to be read is:

1. the spelling words
2. the colours 

is that right?

I would need to get someone to do this for me, as I have trouble speaking. That will take a while to 
organize, as I am isolated by illness. In order to try and set this up:

1. In what file format do you want the sound files?
2. In what order do you want the words read, or
3. Do you want a separate file for each word?

It would be good if the words I've inserted would work meanwhile, but some of the missing letters 
currently are accented vowels. It's going to take a while to set up the resources properly for my 
language. I will keep working at it, as long as I know what to do. :)

from Clytie