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Bug 170777 - use GST_TYPE_DATE for GST_TAG_DATE
Product: GStreamer
Classification: Platform
Component: gstreamer (core)
git master
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: 0.9.4
Assigned To: GStreamer Maintainers
GStreamer Maintainers
Depends on:
Reported: 2005-03-18 09:57 UTC by Tim-Philipp Müller
Modified: 2005-10-13 19:32 UTC
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Description Tim-Philipp Müller 2005-03-18 09:57:00 UTC
currently GST_TAG_DATE specifies the date in julian calendar days, which just
isn't a very good idea, because it's very easy to use wrongly: as it's just a
normal int, app and plugin writers tend to just read/store the year there
instead of a date in julian calendar days (see bug #170306 for example).

We might want something like GST_TYPE_DATE that wraps GDate instead.

Comment 1 Tim-Philipp Müller 2005-03-22 12:04:58 UTC
Another good reason to have GST_TYPE_DATE is because that would allow us to do
date string <=> date conversion in a GValue transform function instead of
replicating the same code all over the place and special-casing GST_TAG_DATE.

Comment 2 Tim-Philipp Müller 2005-05-03 13:02:54 UTC
FWIW, GLib-2.8 will have a G_TYPE_DATE that wraps GDate. I guess 2.8 won't be
the minimum requirement for 0.10 though, will it?

Comment 3 Ronald Bultje 2005-05-03 14:33:41 UTC
I see no problem with requiring 2.8.
Comment 4 David Schleef 2005-05-03 22:51:41 UTC
It's likely that we'll require 2.8 for other reasons, especially if they finally
apply the atomic refcounting patch.
Comment 5 Andy Wingo 2005-07-16 12:21:33 UTC
Considering they have applied the atomic refcounting patch, requiring 2.8 looks
even more likely. Targeting for 0.9.x.
Comment 6 Tim-Philipp Müller 2005-09-22 15:49:24 UTC

Added GST_TYPE_DATE, a boxed type that wraps GDate, and the usual bunch of
utility functions along with a hack that checks that developers don't
accidentally use G_TYPE_DATE where GST_TYPE_DATE is required.

Now the only thing that needs fixing is _gst_tag_initialize() and the various


Comment 7 Tim-Philipp Müller 2005-10-13 19:32:12 UTC
Fixed _gst_tag_initialize() and all plugins now (at least those that handled the
julian stuff right).