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Bug 109343 - ui for preventing user from creating two topics with the same name
ui for preventing user from creating two topics with the same name
Product: epiphany
Classification: Core
Component: Bookmarks
git master
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: Epiphany Maintainers
Marco Pesenti Gritti
Depends on:
Blocks: 755378
Reported: 2003-03-27 17:14 UTC by Dave Bordoley [Not Reading Bug Mail]
Modified: 2016-09-28 16:02 UTC
See Also:
GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: 2.17/2.18

Description Dave Bordoley [Not Reading Bug Mail] 2003-03-27 17:14:39 UTC
popup a modal dialog if the user tries to create/rename a keyword that
already exists (case insensitively)
Comment 1 Marco Pesenti Gritti 2003-03-28 10:16:43 UTC
Why not let the user do it if he wants ?
Just a question ;)
Comment 2 Dave Bordoley [Not Reading Bug Mail] 2003-03-28 15:12:08 UTC
Well having more than one topic with the same name is going to be
pretty confusing don't you think. So for the case sensitive case, I
really think there needs to be some sort of warning you can't do that. 

The case insensitive case is more "contravertial." I really like how
the mac file system is case insensitive, but case preserving. I think
presenting the ephy bookmark database similarly is a good idea. Hence
having two topics with the same name is still odd...

Of course maybe i'm just being anal retentive.
Comment 3 Dave Bordoley [Not Reading Bug Mail] 2003-05-23 16:31:11 UTC
daveb> xan well technically you can have more than one topic with the
same name right now, but i consider that a bug
<xan> nod
<xan> didn't know about that
<xan> is there a bug filled?
<daveb> yeah its obxcure, i filed one a while ago
<-- reinouts_ ( has left #epiphany
<daveb> we should probably just popup an info dialog saying you can't
do that
<xan> yes, should be very easy to fix :)
<mpt> an Evil Alert
<mpt> attack earlier
<mpt> as early as possible
--> menthos ( has joined #epiphany
--- EphyBot gives channel operator status to menthos
<mpt> In the UI for specifying the name itself
<daveb> mpt yeah like rename a file
<mpt> put up a tiny wee "/!\ Sorry, that name is already taken"
<mpt> *right under the text field*
<daveb> xan can we do that?
<mpt> which appears when the name is the same as an existing one, and
disappears as soon as it's not
<daveb> good idea :)
<mpt> and disables the OK (or whatever) button whenever it appears
<xan> with inline editing? no idea
<daveb> hmm 
<mpt> P.S. I'm not drunk, I'm just very very tired.
<daveb> mpt nod
<xan> what it would be, and where it would be?
<daveb> xan could be a tooltip
<mpt> daveb: That means, I guess, you need to have some fancy callback
thingy which works after every keypress
<mpt> xan might be a tooltip, but this thing wouldn't be
<mpt> this would appear no matter where the mouse was
<mpt> right under the text field
<xan> and it disables enter
<mpt> roight.
<daveb> and we could just not exit renaming if the name is the same
<mpt>Just an ordinary caption, which happens to have a special icon /!\
Comment 4 Marco Pesenti Gritti 2003-09-01 13:22:12 UTC
Sorry for the spam. Reassigning bugs with a target to our next milestone.
Comment 5 Christian Persch 2003-12-30 17:33:59 UTC
One problem with multiple topics with the same name is that when you
place one of them in the toolbar, the toolbar layout file saves that
as topic://Topicname -- so on next load it's totally unclear which of
those topics with the same name it will choose [the first one will
win, but the _user_ doesn't know that.]
Comment 6 Chris Lahey 2004-01-14 19:17:12 UTC
Since this uses in place editing in a table, where would you suggest
such a message should go?

Also, is it possible to not allow editing to end in a GtkTreeView tex
Comment 7 spark 2004-02-07 23:01:30 UTC
Target: 1.2 -> 1.4
Comment 8 Christian Persch 2004-07-25 13:26:14 UTC
Mass-moving Target 1.4 -> 1.6 because of feature and UI freeze. Sorry for the
bugspam, search for "mass-move-1.4-1.6" to filter all of it.
Comment 9 Christian Persch 2004-07-25 13:31:18 UTC
Mass-moving Target 1.4 -> 1.6 because of feature and UI freeze. Sorry for the
bugspam, search for "mass-move-1.4-1.6" to filter all of it.
Comment 10 Christian Persch 2004-10-13 10:55:35 UTC
Mass reassigning of Epiphany bugs to epiphany-maint@b.g.o
Comment 11 Christian Persch 2005-02-10 18:23:36 UTC
Mass-moving bugs from Target Milestone: 1.6 to 1.8 because of feature, UI and
string freeze.
Comment 12 Christian Persch 2005-07-30 21:17:25 UTC
Target: 1.8 -> 1.10 due to feature and UI freeze.
Comment 13 Corey Burger 2005-12-16 07:03:39 UTC
Why not simply silently merge them? That is what happens basically right now.
Comment 14 Reinout van Schouwen 2006-01-11 13:53:40 UTC
cc'ing harves...
Comment 15 Peter Harvey 2006-01-11 14:08:41 UTC
Whatever solution we come up, with we should use the same for resolving duplicates in the bookmarks properties window. Perhaps we can agree on a "warning" widget to be placed on all properties dialogs where consistency issues may arise? The idea has been floated a number of times.

Something like "a button which is hidden unless there is a consistency problem" (duplicate name, etc) and which gives you options to resolve the inconsistency if it's clicked. Mind you, the Gnome standard of "apply all changes immediately" makes enforcing consistency very difficult.
Comment 16 Peter Harvey 2006-01-17 00:14:57 UTC
There is a partial fix for this in CVS. It's not the best, and so I don't want to close this bug yet.
Comment 17 Reinout van Schouwen 2006-02-02 21:20:11 UTC
In the Bookmarks editor, it is still possible to create two topics with the same name.
Comment 18 Reinout van Schouwen 2007-03-18 20:09:21 UTC
Still valid.
Comment 19 Juraj Fiala 2015-09-27 19:46:57 UTC
Hey, I'm interested in fixing this bug, but I can't find any agreed-upon solution.  What about using a modal dialog or popover, as in nautilus?
Comment 20 Diogo Campos 2015-09-29 02:42:31 UTC
Juraj, I am trying a "Bookmarks refresh" thing in the Bug 755378.

BUT, if you don't want to wait (or if you simply don't care), I think that something similar to Nautilus would be excellent.
Comment 21 Juraj Fiala 2015-10-01 14:04:08 UTC
If the code could be reusable in the new design, I will gladly try. It'll be my first UI contribution so it might take some time, but it'll be hopefully worth it.
Comment 22 Michael Catanzaro 2015-10-01 15:24:52 UTC
Well, the bookmarks dialog itself is probably going to need to be simply deleted and started from scratch. But you can also create topics from the bookmark properties and new bookmark dialogs, which are already fine and can be kept.
Comment 23 Diogo Campos 2015-10-01 15:41:32 UTC
(In reply to Juraj Fiala from comment #21)
> If the code could be reusable in the new design, I will gladly try. It'll be
> my first UI contribution so it might take some time, but it'll be hopefully
> worth it.

Nautilus's 'Rename' and 'New Folder' UI patterns are great. They should (and, probably, will) be reused. So, if you will enjoy, go ahead :)
Comment 24 Juraj Fiala 2015-10-01 15:48:36 UTC
On it! Just give me some time to figure out how the thing actually works please (:
Comment 25 Michael Catanzaro 2016-09-28 16:02:08 UTC
Button changes to insensitive now