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Bug 82644 - Can't drag file from desktop to trash
Can't drag file from desktop to trash
Product: nautilus
Classification: Core
Component: Desktop
Other other
: High major
: ---
Assigned To: Nautilus Maintainers
Nautilus Maintainers
Depends on:
Reported: 2002-05-22 19:28 UTC by Steve Tyler
Modified: 2004-12-22 21:47 UTC
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GNOME target: ---
GNOME version: 2.0

Description Steve Tyler 2002-05-22 19:28:44 UTC
I get the following message:

Error "Not a directory" while moving "/home/styler/svmim.tmp".

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This started happening (that I noticed anyway) with the lastest Ximian
Comment 1 srn 2002-06-02 10:59:04 UTC
I see this too, with CVS head/Linux.

My home directory is NFS mounted, if that's of any interest (I mention
it because dnd from things to the desktop doesn't work either, with a
"Drag and drop is only supported to local file systems." message,
which is pretty screwed.
Comment 2 Luis Villa 2002-06-03 14:52:42 UTC
Steve: are you on NFS as well? Jody, Dave, could this be a side-effect
of the new is_local code somehow?
Comment 3 Steve Tyler 2002-06-03 18:47:15 UTC
Yep, NFS mounted home directory.
Comment 4 srn 2002-06-03 21:08:47 UTC
I am on NFS too (I'm not sure to which "Steve" that question was

It happens on any NFS mounted volume (which is /home in my case).
Comment 5 srn 2002-06-05 00:27:54 UTC
See also #83209 - this is a more general problem than this report
makes it seem.
Comment 6 Luis Villa 2002-06-05 19:29:34 UTC

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 83209 ***
Comment 7 srn 2002-06-07 10:19:51 UTC
The original problem ("Error "Not a directory" while moving "foo" to
the trash can with drag and drop still happens. The 83209 problem is
now gone, though - I can drag items to the desktop fine, but not into
the trashcan.
Comment 8 Dave Camp 2002-06-13 19:06:38 UTC
What kind of files does this happen for?  Directories, regular files?
 What kind of permissions do they have?  What options did you use to
mount nfs?

Dragging things from nfs to the trashcan give me "'foo' cannot be
moved to the Trash.  Delete immediately?". 
Comment 9 srn 2002-06-13 22:43:57 UTC
Happens for all files or directories. Was your trashcan on NFS?

NFS options were:

Comment 10 Malcolm Tredinnick 2002-06-13 22:54:01 UTC
I can replicate this (on a different system from srn with nfs mounting
options of rsize=4096,wsize=4096,soft,intr). 

To possibly clarify some of the confusion, it occurs when you drag
files from a Nautilus window to a trashcan that is in a home directory
where the home directory is mounted over NFS. Dragging, for example, a
plain text file onto the trashcan gives the "Not a directory" message.
Comment 11 Alex Graveley 2002-06-14 06:44:12 UTC
Don't think this is the same issue... but i can't move *any* files on
NFS to the trash.  I get a dialog saying ``"foo" cannot be moved to
the Trash.  Do you want to delete it immediately?''
Comment 12 Dave Camp 2002-06-19 21:22:33 UTC
OK, I can reproduce this.

The problem was an is_local in fm-icon-view.c.  I have a fix, but it
depends on another patch that isn't in cvs.  I'll get this in asap.
Comment 13 Dave Camp 2002-06-25 19:25:29 UTC
The fix is checked in.