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Bug 732390 - glimagesink: Only shows green on iOS
glimagesink: Only shows green on iOS
Product: GStreamer
Classification: Platform
Component: gst-plugins-bad
git master
Other Linux
: Normal blocker
: 1.3.91
Assigned To: GStreamer Maintainers
GStreamer Maintainers
Depends on:
Reported: 2014-06-28 14:18 UTC by Sebastian Dröge (slomo)
Modified: 2014-07-04 12:57 UTC
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Description Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-28 14:18:09 UTC
With glimagesink from 1.3.90 only a green frame is drawn all the time. Not too long glimagesink was still working on iOS.

Any ideas?
Comment 1 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-28 14:20:56 UTC
Not too long ago would mean 1.3.1 btw
Comment 2 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-28 14:29:17 UTC
It works with all the RGB(A/X) formats and AYUV, but fails with the planar YUV formats (e.g. I420 and Y444 and NV12, so 2 and 3 planes) and packed subsampled YUV formats (e.g. UYVY and YUY2).
Comment 3 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-28 14:31:07 UTC
On my laptop and on Android GLES2 works fine with all these formats.
Comment 4 Matthew Waters (ystreet00) 2014-06-29 04:24:07 UTC
It might be something in the texture_rg changeover that happened.
Comment 5 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-29 08:57:29 UTC
Changing all the texture_rg variables to FALSE does not make a difference unfortunately. But of course might still be related to that change, it would make sense. The formats that all don't work are using RG or R textures now.
Comment 6 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-29 10:34:24 UTC
Disabled texture_rg on my laptop also works, so it's also not the fallback code path that is broken.
Comment 7 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-30 15:26:52 UTC
Another data point: GRAY8 renders black. So it looks like it's indeed related to non (A)RGB textures, and it renders something: zeroes :)
Comment 8 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-30 15:30:20 UTC
Hmm and I failed disabling texture_rg. It created R textures for GRAY8.
Comment 9 Sebastian Dröge (slomo) 2014-06-30 17:16:29 UTC
commit 4cbddec9fe06008d61877e9864a8d724a2178eb4
Author: Sebastian Dröge <>
Date:   Mon Jun 30 19:15:01 2014 +0200

    eagl: Disable usage of R and RG textures on iOS
    They don't work currently and just render zeroes, while the
    fallback code path with LUM and LUM_ALPHA textures still works.