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Bug 602911 - Automatic reconnect doesn't always work (IRC?)
Automatic reconnect doesn't always work (IRC?)
Product: empathy
Classification: Core
Component: Multi User Chat
Other Linux
: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: empathy-maint
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Reported: 2009-11-25 09:05 UTC by Pietro Battiston
Modified: 2018-05-22 13:52 UTC
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Description Pietro Battiston 2009-11-25 09:05:50 UTC
I have several IRC accounts I use under empathy.

I also have a very bad Internet connection.

I usually keep all accounts connected, but sometimes I look at empathy and find that most of them are not working (in the accounts list, their icons are blinking).

Either auto-reconnect doesn't work for IRC, or it tries for not enough time before giving up.

So, as far as I can tell, there are two problems:
- automatic reconnect should not just try a minute and stop. I think pidgin does something like "try every x seconds for a minute, then try every y minutes for an hour...", which seems to me the right behaviour (and probably empathy does that for other protocols, which seem to auto reconnect correctly)
- connection failures should never be silent. If a connection failed, the "network error" message must be present until it's working again.
Comment 1 Michael T 2009-12-04 09:32:29 UTC
This may be related:

The short summary is that when I start empathy, it doesn't always autoconnect to the channels I have it set to autoconnect to.  Briefly disabling and re-enabling the accounts normally triggers a connection.

Note another thing that may explain what the original reporter observes: empathy currently doesn't support alternative nicknames.  If it tries to connect to a channel and the nickname is already in use (as is often the case after an accidental disconnect), it just gives up.
Comment 2 Guillaume Desmottes 2009-12-04 09:43:31 UTC
That's probably a race.
Comment 3 Michael T 2009-12-04 09:52:08 UTC
Guillaume, so that I know whether I should file a different bug, do you think that the two issues are related?  And if not, which of them do you think is a race?
Comment 4 Guillaume Desmottes 2009-12-04 10:00:02 UTC
It will be interesting to know if auto-reconnection always fails because of the nick clash or not.
As nicks are connection wide on IRC, that's easy to check, if we join at least one room on the server and miss some, then it's race. If our nick is actually still used we won't be able to join any room as the account won't connect.
Comment 5 Michael T 2009-12-04 10:07:59 UTC
I have observed the first but I can't remember ever having seen the second.  I couldn't work out how to get information out of Empathy about what is happening though.
Comment 6 Pietro Battiston 2009-12-04 10:16:36 UTC
Guillaume: what I'm sure is that
1) I find an account disconnected, and no "nickname clash" error shown
2) my connection is very unstable, so that may mean that IRC disconnects because of network errors, tries to reconnect and _then_ gets the nickname clash, but that may also mean that it disconnects because of network errors and doesn't try again.

In both cases, it's a problem, since I would expect that
1) the account is connected, or
2) there is an error message

However, if there is some way to generate debug information and understand what's going on exactly, just let me know.
Comment 7 GNOME Infrastructure Team 2018-05-22 13:52:04 UTC
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