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Bug 362790 - GtkComboBox has Color components private, unable to modify Color.
GtkComboBox has Color components private, unable to modify Color.
Product: gtk+
Classification: Platform
Component: Widget: GtkComboBox
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: Normal normal
: ---
Assigned To: gtk-bugs
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Reported: 2006-10-17 07:24 UTC by Tom Gaudasinski
Modified: 2016-06-08 04:16 UTC
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popup window can't change color (9.13 KB, image/jpeg)
2014-02-12 09:11 UTC, terrance__chen

Description Tom Gaudasinski 2006-10-17 07:24:54 UTC
Please describe the problem:
In the implementation of GtkComboBox, unlike that of GtkCombo, it is impossible to set the color of a GtkComboBox due to key components that make up the ComboBox being in a private struct. GtkComboBox also does not respond to gtk_widget_modify_*().

Steps to reproduce:
Try setting gtk_widget_modify_bg() on a GtkComboBox, won't do squat. At least The GtkCombo allowed you to access the inner constituencies of the combobox for color modification.

Actual results:
You won't change the GtkComboBox's color.

Expected results:
The color of the combobox to change.

Does this happen every time?

Other information:
Exposing the inner GtkComboBoxPrivate struct to the world would allow for access to the inner workings and thereby color modification. Alternatively, override the gtk_widget_modify functions to work with the GtkComboBox.
Comment 1 terrance__chen 2014-02-12 09:01:54 UTC
I met the same problem !
Comment 2 terrance__chen 2014-02-12 09:03:05 UTC
can change most widgets' color,but doesn't work with combobox
Comment 3 terrance__chen 2014-02-12 09:11:10 UTC
Created attachment 268890 [details]
popup window can't change color

If you only want to change combobox's color (not include popup menu)
I have a way to do this 
( but I also want to change the popup menu's color,any one can help ??? )
I create a struct GtkComboBoxP like this :
struct GtkComboBoxP
    GtkTreeModel *model;
    s32 col_column;
    s32 row_column;
    s32 wrap_width;
    GtkTreeRowReference *active_row;
    GtkWidget *tree_view;
    GtkTreeViewColumn *column;
    GtkWidget *cell_view;
    GtkWidget *cell_view_frame;
    GtkWidget *button;
    GtkWidget *box;
    GtkWidget *arrow;
    GtkWidget *separator;
    GtkWidget *popup_widget;
then copy all memory:
    struct GtkComboBoxP *priv =
            (struct GtkComboBoxP *) GTK_COMBO_BOX(combobox)->priv;
then change color when focus change:
        "focus_in_event", G_CALLBACK(focus_in_widget_cbox), combobox);
void focus_in_widget_cbox(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer user_data)
    s32 j = focus1[CURR_WIN_INDEX].j_focus;
    s32 i = focus1[CURR_WIN_INDEX].i_focus;
    opera_data.focus_i = i;
    opera_data.focus_j = j;
    opera_data.type = win_widget_type[CURR_WIN_INDEX][i][j];    
    gtk_widget_modify_fg(widget, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &color[YELLOW]);
    gtk_widget_modify_bg(widget, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &color[YELLOW]);
Comment 4 Leo Ufimtsev 2015-04-13 19:18:39 UTC
Similar bug but for Gtk3/css
Comment 5 Matthias Clasen 2016-06-08 04:16:50 UTC
I don't think we wil lfix this for gtk2 at this point